European Histrory Chapter 14

  1. powerful bankers in Florence
    the medici family
  2. having a positive outlook on society
  3. Scholar, Teacher, and Poet
    -wrote sonnets to Laura
    Francesco Petrach
  4. Diplomat and historian that wrote "Prince". thought that it was better to be feared than to be loved
    Niccolo Machiavelli
  5. Diplomat and writer that wrote the Book of Courtier which taught by example
    Baldassare Castiglione
  6. women artist best known for her potrait of Philip II
    Sofonisba Anguissala
  7. two Italian Renaissance artists that used perspective
    Giotto and Massaccio
  8. Italian painter that painted the last supper and the Mona lisa
    Leonardo da Vinci
  9. Painter, poet, and architect that painted the Sistene Chapel and sculpted David and Moses
  10. Painted frescoes in the papal chamber. Known for his madonnas
    Raphael Santi
  11. Painted the Assumption of the Virgin
  12. invented the printed press in the 1400s
    Johannes Gutenburg
  13. Dutch humanist who wanted to return to the simple message of Jesus.
    -wrote The Praise of Folly
    Desiderius Erasmus
  14. writer that was a friend of Erasmus
    -wrote Utopia
    Thomas Moore
  15. school in Flanders that perfected the technique of painting oils on canvas
    Flemish school
  16. wrote the Adoration of the Lamb
    Hubert and Jan van Eyck
  17. Flemish artist that painted scenes of village dances and criticized the intolerance
    Pieter Brueghal the Elder
  18. German artist who was known for his woodcuts and copper engravings
    Albrecht Durer
  19. German artist that traveled through Europe painting portraits of famous people
    Han Holbein the Younger
  20. Monk that was born in Saxony and released 95 theses and jump started the protestant reformation
    Martin Luther
  21. pope during the time of the Renaissance that excommunicated Martin Luther
    Pope Leo X
  22. The troops of ______ sacked Rome in 1527
    Charles V
  23. religious revolution in the 1500s that created several new churches
  24. pardons for punishment of already forgiven sin
  25. Luther's list of statments about indulgences posted on the door at Wittenberg that invited scholars to a debate about the subject
    ninety-five theses
  26. various religious groups that did not fit into organized churches
  27. Protestant reformer born in saxony that was a monk that started the reformation
    Martin Luther
  28. the belief that God decided at the beginning of time who would be saved
  29. Government ruled by a clergy claiming God's authority
  30. Reform movement in the Catholic Church that tried to strengthen Catholic views and doctrines and campaign against Protestantism
  31. French Protestant that founded Calvanism in Geneva, Switzerland
    John Calvin
  32. Spanish soldier that founded the jesuits in 1534 and wrote Spiritual Exercises
    Ignatius de Loyola
  33. single printed sheets that arised in the 1500s
  34. Popular books that contained predictions about weather, calanders, maps, and medical advice
  35. The measure of the quality of life of a people or country
    Standard of Living
  36. A rise in prices for goods
  37. the transformation in thinking during the 1500 and 1600s as a result of new philisophy
    Scientific Revolution
  38. the method od inquiry to verify the results of repeatable experiments
    Scientific method
  39. Ptolemy's theory that the Earth was the center of the universe
    Geocentric theory
  40. Copernicus's theory that the sun was at the center
    Heliocentric theory
  41. Descarte's Contemporary that stated that only through observation and repeatable experiments could theries be built (philisopher)
    Francis Bacon
  42. wrote on the fabric of the human mind and didn't accept Galen's description of the body
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