People of Ancient Egypt

  1. Sumerian civilization
    People from Mesopotamia. They settled in the lower part of the Tigris river valley.
  2. The Arameans
    Time Frame: 1200 BC - 800 AD
    Settled in central Syria. They crossed the Fertile Crescent regularly and people there began to speak their language. They established a capital at Damascus.

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  3. The Hittes
    Time Frame: 2000 BC - 1200 BC
    They settled near the Black Sea. They were the first people to smelt iron and had horse drawn chariots that held three people.

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  4. The Phoenicians
    Time Frame: 3000 BC - 800 BC
    They were settled in the northern part of Canaan. They brought new business practices; bills of sale and contracts. Also an improved alphabet. Due to the lack of farming land they resorted to the sea to earn a living. (Many ports along the cost)
  5. The Assyrians
    Time Frame: 900 BC - 612 BC
    First People to use chariots and calvary in battle.
  6. The Lydians
    Time Frame: Late 600s BC -
    They lived in Asia Minor. They built a very strong trading industry. Instead of relying on the Barter System the Lydian's designed a Money System.

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  7. The Chaldeans (Neo-Babylonians)
    Time Frame: 1700 BC - 539 BC)
    They lived in the Fertile Crescent. They built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They laid the foundations for the science of astronomy.

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  8. Early Israelites
    Time Frame 1900 BC -
    The started the first radical monotheism. They were led out of Egypt (The Exodus) Religion: Judaism ( People have value to)
  9. The Persians
    Time Frame: 2000 BC - 330 BC
    Allowed the people they captured to keep their religion, beliefs. They created the Royal Road. Religion: Zoroaster
  10. The Fertile Crescent
    A crescent shaped piece of land that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

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  11. Mesopotamia
    The land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as Iraq.

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  12. Ramses II
    Reigned as pharaoh of Egypt for 67 years. He regained some of the territory Egypt had lost during the previous century.
  13. Hammurabi
    Ruled Mesopotamia. He reorganized the tax system and helped farmers by repairing local irrigation canals. His greatest achievement was the law code. ( Hammurabi's Law Code)
  14. Hammurabi's Law Code
    Written by Ruler Hammurabi. These were 282 sections dealing with most aspects of daily life.
  15. Sargon I
    He built the first empire in Mesopotamia. He launched a huge military expansion and people in his empire began to use the akkadian language.
  16. The Nile River
    Is a river that runs down Through the eastern portion of Africa. It Runs through Egypt to Uganda.

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