Math: Unit 6

  1. Define outlier and give an example
    A value in a data set that is much greater or much less than the other value
  2. Describe how you find mean
    Add all the data and divide by the number of pieces of data
  3. Describe how you find median
    Order the data set and fnd the middle number
  4. Describe how you find mode
    Look for the piece of data that apperars most frequently
  5. Describe how you find range
    Subtract the smallest piece of data from the largest piece of data
  6. Define Line Plot
    A display that uses a a number line and x's to show frequencies of values
  7. Define Histogram
    A special kind of bar graph that compares frequnecies of numerical data items that fall in equal intervals
  8. Define Frequency Table
    Lists the number of times an event, category, or group, occurs
  9. Define Ordered Pairs
    A pair of numbers used to identify the location of a given point on a coordinate grid
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Math: Unit 6
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