FF 1.2

  1. Define visual accommodation
    is the time it takes your eyes to change focus, normally 2 - 3 seconds
  2. Define Empty field myopia
    When the eyes dont have anything to focus on they automatically focus at about 9 feet
  3. Define Binocular vision
    This when your mind tends to ignore things you don’t see with both eyes
  4. Define narrow field of vision
    we can only focus and classify an object in about a 15° area
  5. Describe how haze can cause a problem with clearing for traffic and what sight limitation is associated with haze.
    With poor visibility and everything the same shade of gray it becomes difficult to see other traffic. Common with empty field myopia
  6. Describe how a lack of contrast effects your ability to see other aircraft.
    Aircraft are difficult to see against a cluttered background like different buildings or multi-colored terrain
  7. State in order from highest to lowest the priority in the pattern for which aircaft is to breaks out.
    • Emergency aircraft
    • Practice ELP between high and low key or an airplane on a straigh in between 5-2nm
    • Formation aircraft
    • aircraft on initial from a radar entry
    • aircraft already in pattern
    • aircraft at VFR entry point
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