Immunology - ABSITE Ch 4

  1. Another name for CD4 cell
    Helper T cell
  2. Name 2 important functions of CD4 cells in immune response:
    • 1. Mature CD8 cells
    • 2. Mature B cells into plasma cells
  3. What is another name for CD8 cell? (there are 2 types)
    • 1. Supressor T cell
    • 2. Cytotoxic T cell
    • (both are CD8's)
  4. How do CD4 cells mature B-cells?
    Releasing IL-4
  5. How do CD4 cells mature CD8 cells?
    Releasing IL-2
  6. What cells have MHC class I?
    All nucleated cells
  7. What cells do MHC I activate?
    CD8 cells (makes sense because CD8's are cytotoxic and kill cells presenting viral antigens)
  8. What cells show MHC II?
    B-cells, dendrite, APC (macrophages)
  9. What cells do MHC II activate?
    CD4. Macrophage presents antigen to CD4, CD4 then makes IL-4 (matures B cells) and IL-2 (matures CD8)
  10. What kind of cells are Natural Killer cells?
    Neither B nor T cells
  11. What kind of cells to Natural Killer cells kill?
    Cells WITHOUT any MHC (i.e. cancer cells)
  12. What antibody is the first to be made after infection?
  13. What antibody is involved in allergic reactions?
  14. Most abundant antibody?
  15. This antibody is permanently stuck to the surface of B cells:
  16. This antibody can cross the placenta:
  17. This antibody is found in breast milk:
  18. Largest antibody:
  19. This antibodies are opsonins:
    IgG and IgM
  20. Describe type I hypersensitivity:
    Immediate: mediaed by IgE, mast cells, histamine release
  21. Describe type II hypersensitivity:
    IgG or IgM reacts with cell-bound antigen
  22. Describe type III hypersensitivity:
    Immune complex deposition
  23. Describe type IV hypersensitivity:
    Delayed type hypersensitivity: antigen stimulation of previously sensitized T-cells
  24. What cytokines are ANTI-inflamatory?
    IL-4, IL-10
  25. What cytokines are responsible for hypotension?
    TNF and IL-1
  26. What cytokine induces maturation of T and B cells?
  27. What cytokine recruits cells to site of injury?
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