History World War One

  1. What were the main causes of the war?
    Militarism- The belief in having a strong army and using it

    Alliances- An agreement between nations to work as a team

    Imprialism-Competing for land, raw materials, and markets.

    Nationalism- Sense of pride in a nation
  2. Why were the ethnic tensions?
    • -Many ethnic groups
    • -Each group had a strong sense of nationalism
    • -Led to tension and competion, hatred.
  3. What was the Western Front Like?
    • Location: France
    • -Trench warfare
    • -Soliders dug trenches
    • -very little movement one way or the other
    • -led to stalemates (a.k.a ties)
  4. What was the eastern front like?
    • Location: Near Russia
    • -Long lines
    • -forced to mobolize troops
    • -Very mobile fighting and a lot of land was exvhanged.
    • -Bitter cold
  5. What was the war at sea like?
    • Location: Coast of Great Britain
    • -Great Briatin vs. Germany
    • -Germans used U-Boats
  6. What is Contraband?
    supplies that helped the war effort
  7. What was the event that 'lit the fuse'
    • Assation of Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, 1914
    • Shooters name was Gavrilo Princip
    • part of a terrorist group
    • Hatred for A-H, saw them as a threat
  8. What conditions were faced in trenches?
    rat infestation, lice, trench foot, potrolling no mans land, smell, stalemates
  9. What technology was invented?
    posion gas, gas maskes, rifiles, tanks, flame throwers, camo
  10. Why did US enter the war
    • The zimmerman note
    • The Lucitania was sunken by German U-baots. 200 people killed snd contraband destroyed
  11. What is the homefront?
    the place where non-fighting citizens lived while their nation is engaged in war
  12. What is total war?
    The idea that all resources in the country are devoted to the war
  13. Woman in the war:
    • Trained war dogs
    • Nurses
    • Supplied troops with supplies
    • Worked in factories and offices
    • Worked on Trains
  14. What were econominc effects of the war?
    • Total Cost of the War: 338 Billion
    • Government ran out of money
    • Government was seeking answers to finacial problems
  15. What were the social affects of the war
    • families and communties destroyed
    • returning soliders we disallusioned
    • alram because of the amount of countries involved and death
  16. What were the 4 main points of Wilson's 14 points?
    • 1. Openess and Less Agression
    • 2. How to deal with colonies
    • 3. Territorial Changes
    • 4. Peace Keeping
  17. Who was in the Allie
    • Briatin
    • France
    • Russia
  18. Who was in the Triple Entante
    • France
    • Briatin
    • Russia
  19. Who was in the central powers
    • A-H
    • Germany
    • Ottman Empire
  20. Who was in the Triple Alliance
    • A-H
    • Italy
    • Germany
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