Parts of a cell

  1. Name 4 things to describe a cell membrane.
    • encloses contents of the cells
    • regulated what enters and leaves the cell
    • is composed of bilayer of phospholipid molecules
    • contains cell surface proteins
  2. Name 3 things to describe a nucleus.
    • surrounds the nuclear membrane
    • control center of the cell
    • contains chromatin that separate into chromosomes during cell division
  3. name 2 things to describe a vacuole
    • contain enzymes, stores nutrients, and waste
    • products.
    • regulate water contents of cells
  4. name 2 things to describe a chloroplast
    • contain clorophyll that absorbs light energy
    • sites of photosynthesis
  5. name 2 things to describe a golgi apparatus
    • package products for secretion from a cell
    • forms sacklike structures called vesicles that
    • move to the cell membrane and release their contents to the outside of the cell
  6. name 2 things to describe a cytoskeleton
    • gives the cells its shape by creating a support network of long, thin proteins and aid in movement of the cell
    • made of microtubules, fibers, and microfilaments
  7. name 5 things to describe a cell wall
    • found in plant cells
    • provide support and protection
    • composed of cellulose
    • located outside the cell membrane
    • all plant & fungi cells have cell walls
  8. name 3 things to describe mitochondria
    • powerhouses of the cell
    • release energy from food molecules
    • produce ATP
  9. name 3 things to describe ribosomes
    • manufacture proteins
    • located on the rough ER
    • made in the nucleolous
  10. name 2 things to describe lysosomes
    • contain a variety of digestive enzymes
    • break down large food molecules
  11. endoplasmic reticulum is the
    cell's subway system
  12. centrioles are located
    outside the nucleus
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