Multimedia Test 1

  1. CPU
    Central Processing Unit- Makes computer "go"
  2. Megabyte
    Something used to describe data storage
  3. Gigabyte
    Data storage and 1,000 MB to one GB
  4. Multimedia
    The use of computer to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in a unique way
  5. Server
    A device on a network that manages resources
  6. Client
    A personal computer that uses a server
  7. ISP
    Internet Service Provider- A company that provides internet
  8. Cat-5
    Category 5- Network cables that have 4 twisted wires
  9. T-1
    Phone lines of a quick connection
  10. RAM
    Random Access Memory- A type of computer memory
  11. USB
    Universal Serial Bus- an external bus standard that supports data transfer rates
  12. Firewire
    Very fast external bus that supports data transfer rates
  13. Animation
    A stimulation of movement created by a series of pictures
  14. Quicktime
    A video/ animation system developed by Apple
  15. Analog
    A device/ system that represents changing values
  16. Digital
    A device/ system that is frame by frame
  17. Convert
    To change data from one format to another
  18. Gif
    Graphics Interchange Format- A bitmapped graphics file format
  19. Animated Gif
    Type of Gif image that can also be animated by combining several images into a single file
  20. Flash
    An independant vector graphic animation technology
  21. JPEG
    Joint Photographic Experts Group- A compression technique for colored images
  22. PNG
    Portable Network Graphics- A new bitmapped graphics format
  23. Screen Capture
    Act of copying what is displayed on a screen to a file or printer
  24. Resolution
    The sharpness of an image
  25. Morphing
    Metamorphosing- Animation technique where one image is turned into another
  26. Feathering
    Process of softening edges of an image
  27. Blue Screen
    A process of blending two or more images
  28. Alpha Channel
    A portion of each pixel's data reserved for transparecy
  29. Peripheral
    A computer device that is not part of a computer
  30. CD- Roms
    Compact Disc- Read only memory- A disc that can store large amounts of data
  31. DVD
    Digital Versatile Disc- Type of optical disc technology
  32. MP3
    A file extension and the name of a type of file
  33. Wav
    Format for storing sound in files
  34. Mpeg
    Moving Picture Experts Group- Family of digital video compression standards
  35. Aiff
    Audio Interchange File Format- To store and transmit sound
  36. Ntsc
    National Television Standard- Sets TV and Video Standards
  37. HDTV
    HIgh Definition television- provides better resolution on a tv
  38. Webcast
    Use of the internet to broadcast live or delayed audio and video
  39. Tweening
    IN betweening- generating intermediate frames between two images
  40. Streaming
    Technique for transferring data in a continuous stream
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