New Historical / Cultural CT

  1. Traditional History
    a series of events that have a linear, casual relationship and is progressive (that the human species is improving over the course of time, advancing in its moral, cultural and technological accomplishments)
  2. New History
    No clear access to any but the most basic facts of history because of the impossibility of objective analysis
  3. Impossibility of objective analysis
    the view of historians of both current and past events are influenced in innumerable conscious and unconscious ways by their own experience within their own culture
  4. Subjectivity
    selfhood; shaped by and shapes the culture into which we were born
  5. Exchange
    the vehicle by which power circulates; the never-ending proliferation (__of material goods through such practices as buying and selling, bartering, gambling, taxation, charity, and various forms of theft; __ of people through such institutions as marriage, adoption, kidnapping, and slavery; __ of ideas through various discourses a culture produces)
  6. Discourse
    ideology; draws attention to the role of language as the vehicle of ideology
  7. Master Narrative
    a narrative told from a single cultural point of view that, nevertheless, presumes to offer the only accurate version of history
  8. Thick Description
    discovering the meanings that particular cultural production had for people in whose community it occurred and to reveal the social conventions, cultural codes, and ways of seeing the world that gave the production those meanings through close, detailed examination of a given cultural production
  9. Self-positioning
    analyzing own psychological and ideological positions relative to the material so that readers can have some idea of the human “lens” through which they are viewing the historical issues at hand
  10. Culture
    collection of interactive cultures, each of which is growing and changing, each of which is constituted at any given moment in time by the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, occupation, and similar factors that contribute to the experience of its members.
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