Marxist CT

  1. Material circumstances
    the economic conditions
  2. Historical situation
    social, political, ideological atmosphere generated by material conditions
  3. Praxis
  4. The American Dream
    financial success is simply the product of initiative and hard work
  5. False consciousness
    when an ideal functions to mask its own failure
  6. Classism
    An ideology that equates one’s value as a human being with the social class to which one belongs
  7. Patriotism
    an ideology that keeps poor people fighting wars against poor people from other countries
  8. Religion
    “the opiate of the masses” an ideology that helps to keep the faithful poor satisfied with their lot in life or at least tolerant of it
  9. Rugged Individualism
    a cornerstone of the American Dream, is an ideology that romanticizes the individual who strikes out alone in pursuit of a goal not easily achieved, a goal that often involves risk and one that most people would not readily undertake.
  10. Consumerism
    “shop till you drop-ism” another cornerstone of the American dream, an ideology that says “I’m only as good as what I buy.”
  11. Use value
    what a commodity can do
  12. Exchange value
    the money or other commodities a commodity can be traded for
  13. Sign-exchange value
    the social status a commodity confers on its owner
  14. Commodification
    the act of relating to objects or persons in terms of their exchange values or sign-exchange value
  15. Conspicuous consumption
    when someone purchases and displays costly goods or services excessively in order to impress people with their wealth
  16. Imperialism
    the military, economic, and /or cultural domination of one nation by another for financial benefit of the dominating nation with little or no concern for the welfare of the dominated
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