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  1. A-
    Not; opposite of
  2. Activation energy
    Minimum energy needed to get a reaction started
  3. Active site
    Pocket formed by the folding of protein where substrates bind
  4. Amino acid
    Buikding blocks of proteins
  5. An-
    Not; opposite of
  6. -ase
  7. Benedict's solution
    Indicator for sugar
  8. Bio-
  9. Biology
    The study of life
  10. Biuret Reagent
    Indicator for proteins
  11. Brown paper test
    Indicator for lipids
  12. Carbo-
    Carbon-based/to do with carbon
  13. Carbohydrate
    Made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
  14. Cellulose
    Polysaccharide made by plants (wood and paper)
  15. Compound
    Two or more elements combined in proportions
  16. Conclusion
    Ending result after gathering data
  17. Control
    Experimental set up for comparison purposes
  18. Dependent variable
    Factor not intentionally changed
  19. Element
    A substance of one type of atom
  20. Enzyme
    Protein that speeds up (catalyses) chemical processes
  21. Fair test
    An experiment conducted controlling as many variables as possible
  22. Hydra-
  23. Hypothesis
    An untested explanation for a question
  24. Independent variable
    Manipulated variable
  25. Indicator
    Any chemical substance that shows presence or absense of organic molecule
  26. Iodine
    Indicator for carbohydrates
  27. Lipid
    Carbon and hydrogen - fat
  28. Metric system
    Decimal system of measurement based on multiples of 10
  29. Molecule
    Smallest unit of most compounds
  30. Mono-
  31. Monomer
    Units that can join together to form polymers
  32. Monosaccharide
    Singlr sugar molecule
  33. Nucleic Acid
    Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
  34. Nucleotide
    Monomer of nucleic acids (phosphorous, oxygen, carbon)
  35. -ology
    The study of
  36. Organic Molecule
    A molecule that contains carbon
  37. -ose
    Carbohydrate or sugar
  38. Peptide
    Related to proteins
  39. Poly-
  40. Polymers
    Formed from 2 or more monomers
  41. Polypeptide
    Chain if amino acids
  42. Polysaccharide
    Formed from monosaccharide
  43. Pro-
  44. Protein
    Needed by body for growth and repair made up of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon.
  45. Qualitative data
    Information that cannot be directly measured
  46. Quantitative data
    Information that can be measured
  47. Reproduction
    Giving offspring
  48. Response
    Single, specific reaction to a stimulus
  49. Scientific method
    The process used to conduct and record a scientific experiment
  50. SEM
    Scanning electron microscope
  51. Spontaneous generation
    The idea that living things can come from nonliving things
  52. Starch
    Carbohydrate made up of sugar molecules
  53. Stimulus
    A signal to which an organism responds
  54. Substrate
    Reactant of a sped up reaction
  55. TEM
    Transmission electron microscope
  56. Theory
    Well tested idea accepted as fact
  57. Variable
    A factor that can be changed
  58. Cell
    Basic unit of all forms of life
  59. Eukaryote
    Organism where cell's contain nuclei
  60. Prokaryote
    Single celled organism lacking nuclei
  61. Unicellular
    A single celled organism
  62. Multicellular
    An organism that contains 2 or more cells
  63. Animal cell
    An amorphous cell that makes up animals
  64. Plant cell
    Rigid cell containing a large vacuole and chloroplasts that make up plants
  65. Pro-
  66. Eu-
  67. -karyo
  68. Uni-
  69. Multi-
    More than one
  70. Cyto-
  71. Golgi body
    Packages proteins from the ER
  72. Cell membrane
    Flexible wall around the cell that regulates what comes in and out of the cell
  73. Cell wall
    Strong wall around cells in plants, algae, and some bacteria
  74. Vacuole
    Stores materials like water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates
  75. Chloroplast
    Organelle in plants that captures energy from the sun and converts it to chemical energy
  76. Chloro-
  77. -plasm/-plast
  78. Nucleus
    Control center of cell
  79. Nucleolus
    Inside the nucleus where assembly
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