History 17.3

  1. George III
    began his 60 year reign in 1760, was eager to recover the powers the crown had lost
  2. Stamp Act
    law passed in 1765 by the British Parliment that imposed taxes on items such as newspapers and pamphlets in the American colonies; repealed in 1766
  3. George Washington
    Virginia planter and soldier, participated in the Continental Congress to decide what action to take against Britain
  4. Thomas Jefferson
    from Virginia, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence
  5. Popular Sovereignty
    basic rule of the American system of government which asserts that the people are the source of any and all governmental power, and government can exist only with the consent of the governed
  6. Yorktown, Virginia
    location where the British Army surrendered in the American Revolution
  7. Treaty of Paris
    peace treaty made final in 1783 that ended the American Revolution
  8. James Madison & Benjamin Franklin
    along with George Wahsington, met in secret to redraft the articles of the new constitution that established a government run by the people and for the people
  9. Ferderal Republic
    government in which power is divided between the national,of ferderal, government and the states
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