earth science erosion

  1. What is the main difference between erosion and weathering?
    Weathering is just the breaking down of rocks while erosion is the weathering AND transportation of rocks
  2. The ingredients of erosion are:

    1. _____________
    2. the _________
    3. _________________
    • driving force
    • sediments
    • agents of erosion
  3. the driving force for erosion is _____ and or _______
    sun, gravity
  4. What is the term for the downslope movement of sediments?
  5. all gravity pulls towards __________

    E) the earth's center
  6. What is another term for landslides?
    mass movement
  7. What type of erosion is most likely to result in sediments being angular and unsorted
    landslides/mass movement
  8. The size of the sediments streams carry depend on the _______________.
    stream velocity
  9. Stream sediments are _______ and ________

    C) rounded, smooth
  10. Sediments are transported in water in three ways:

    Solu____, __________, and _______
    solution, suspension, and rolling
  11. What is it called when minerals / sediments float in the water?
  12. When minerals are dissolved in water, it is called a ________.
  13. Water undercuts _________ bedrock.

    C) weaker and less resistant
  14. The _______ the stream, the ______ the stream velocity.
    steeper, faster
  15. A(n) ________ in stream velocity will ________ the size and number of particles a stream can carry.

    B) increase, increase
  16. The _____ water goes into a stream (melt water, rain water) the ______ the stream velocity.

    E) more, faster
  17. Areas of the _______ water velocity are just below the center of the river channel, while stream banks and the bottom are of the _______ velocity due to ________.

    C) fastest, slowest, friction
  18. the _______er the stream, the ______ the velocity, the more erosion.
    straighter, faster
  19. streams erode the surface into what kind of shaped valley?
    a V-shaped valley
  20. What carves V-shaped valleys from streams into U-shaped valleys?
  21. When freezing exceeds melting, glaciers _________. When melting exceeds freezing, glaciers _________.
    advance, retreat
  22. Can a glacier flow uphill?
  23. Where are continental glaciers most likely to be found?

    F) Greenland and Antarctica
  24. What happens when sediments are dragged along the bedrock under a glacier?
    They form glacial striations
  25. __________ glaciers are found at high latitudes while _________ glaciers are found at high altitudes.
    continental, mountain
  26. What is the term for an extremely sharp peak formed by glaciers?
  27. What is the term for a piece of land that seperates two U-shaped valleys?
    Truncated spur
  28. A u-shaped tributary to a large glacier that is far enough below it for there to be a waterfall can be called a __________________.
    hanging valley
  29. Which of the following is thicker:

    A) Mountain Glaciers
    B) Continental Glaciers
    B) Continental Glaciers
  30. When a U-shaped Valley becomes flooded with saltwater from the ocean, what is it called?
    A Fjord
  31. Where is the worlds largest desert?
    The poles
  32. On average, the wind at a beach doesn't move the sand, while some days it does. It all depends on the current _____________.
    wind velocity
  33. Larger particles move by _________ while smaller particles move by __________.
    saltation, suspension
  34. In a desert, what prevents soil from forming?
    the wind
  35. What is it called when blowing sediments form dents on rocks?
  36. When rocks appear to have a polished look, this is an example of ________.
  37. By what method does wind erode?
  38. What is it called when the removal of sediments lowers the ground?
  39. This desert arch is an example of wind erosion. Why did the wind form a normal rock into this odd shape?
    Image Upload 2
    Because the wind eroded the weaker rock and left behind the more resistant rock.
  40. What is the reason that mushroom rocks occur?
    The reason is that most wind only erodes rock 1-2 meters above the surface.
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