History 17.2

  1. Censorship
    restricting access to ideas and information
  2. Salons
    informal social gatherings at which writers, philosophes, and others exchanged ideas
  3. Baroque
    ornate style of art and architecture popular in the 1600's and 1700's
  4. Rococo
    personal, elegant style of art and architecture made popular during the mid-1700's that featured designs with the shapes of leaves, shells, and flowers
  5. Enlightened Despots
    absolute rulers who used their power to bring about political and social change
  6. Frederick the Great
    exerted extremely tight control over his subjects during his reign as king of Prussia from 1740-1786
  7. Catherine the Great
    became empress of Russia in 1762, made some limited reforms in law and government, and abolished torture and established religious tolerance
  8. Joseph II
    son of Maria Theresa, the most radical of the enlightened despots, traveled in disguise among hsi subjects to learn of their problems
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History 17.2
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