1. Icarus/Fly too Close to the Sun
    • greek mythology, father Deadalus, Island of Crete, wings constructed by Daedalus, held together by wax, flew too close to the sun fell to his death
    • today: fail or be destroyed b/c of lack of caution or excessive ambition
  2. Bread and Circuses
    • writer during the time of the Roman Empire, Imperial gov, distributing free food and providing entertaining spectacles, colosseum, easily kept on like
    • today: prevent unrest by keeping people happy, deflecting concern
  3. Deus ex machina
    • "god from the mechane", classical theater, crane w/ a harness for an actor, lowered from the ceiling, god would unexpectedly appear, solve a seemingly hopeless problem, save the hero or heroine
    • today: surprising turn of events makes things turn out all right, unsatisfying and overly convenient way to end and stay
  4. Tabula Rosa
    • Latin for "blank sltae", John Locke, unaffected by experience
    • today: unmarked and uninfluenced
  5. Tantalus
    • greek mythology, king, offended the gods, eternal hunger and thirst in Hades, water up to his chin, he bent down to drink, the waters receded, fruit hung overhead, reached for a piece, the wind blew the boughs out of reach
    • today: offered something desirable which is then withheld
  6. NIMBY
    • acronym "Not In My Backyard"
    • today: aware of the necessity of some unpleasant realities, located away from where they live
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