chapter 5

  1. as a result of diffusion the concentration of many tpes of substances
    eventually becomes balanced on both sides of a membrane
  2. diffusion taks place
    from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
  3. the dispersal of ink in a beaker of water is an exmple of
  4. heavy rains: flooding::
    osmosis: plasmolysis
  5. sugar molecules can enter cells through the process of
    facilitated diffisuion
  6. channels utilizing faciliated diffusion
    work in two directions
  7. whihc of the following is not characteristic of faciliated diffusion
    moves substances against a concentration gradient
  8. which of the following expands energy
    active transport a sodium potassium pump endocytosis
  9. which of the following enters a cell by active transport
    potassium ion
  10. the process by which water passes into or out of a cell is called
  11. the sodium potassium pump usually pumps
    potassium into the cell
  12. ion channels: ions::
    sodiumpotassium pump : sodium
  13. ridding the cell of material by discharging it form sacs at the cell surface is calledd
  14. molecules that are to large to be movied across a cell membrane can be removed from the cell by
  15. molecules that are too large to be moved through the membrane can be transported into the cell by
  16. endocytosis: exocytosis::
    cold: hot
  17. placing a plant into a hypertonic environment will
    cause turgor pressureu to decrease
  18. a calcium ion channel will alway
    only calcium ions to pass through it
  19. in phagocytosis and pinocytosis the plasma membrane brings in materials by forming a
  20. active transport systems are a form of cell transport that requires energy from molecules of
  21. ++++allows a cl to stockpile substances in far greater concentrations than they ocur outside the cell
    active transport
  22. conduction of nerve impulses is possibel becasue of the
    sodium potassium pump
  23. the process in whichan amoeba engulfs its prey and takes it in is known as
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