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  1. What is the purpose of the security education program?
    to ensure that all personnel understand the need and procedures for protecting classified information.
  2. What is the goal of the security education program?
    to develop fundamental security habits as a natural element of each task.
  3. Who is responsible for policy guidance, education requirements and support for the DON security education program?
  4. Who is responsible for indoctrinating military personnel entering the Navy and Marine Corps, with a basic understanding of what "classified information" is and why and how it is protected?
    Recruit training commands
  5. Who is responsible for security education in their commands, ensuring time is dedicated for training and awareness?
    Commanding officers
  6. In formulating a command security education program, the security manager must provide what?
    the minimum briefing requirements of this regulation.
  7. The security education program should be developed based on the command ___ and ___.
    mission function
  8. The minimum requirements for security education includes what 7 items.
    • Indoctrination of personnel
    • Orientation of personnel who will have access
    • OJT in specific security requirements
    • Annual refresher briefings for personnel who have access
    • Counterintelligence briefings annually for personnel who have access to information classified Secret or above
    • Special briefings
    • Debriefing upon termination of access
  9. Through indoctrination, all personnel should know that:
    • Certain information, essential to the national security, requires protection
    • Classified material will be marked
    • Only those who have been officially and specifically authorized may have access
    • Personnel will be continually evaluated regarding their eligibility to access classified information
    • Classified material must be stored and used in secure areas and must be destroyed by authorized means
    • Any compromise or other security violation must be reported
    • Any attempt by an unauthorized person, regardless of nationality, to solicit classified information must be reported.
  10. Through orientation, all personnel should know:
    • The command security structure
    • Any special security precautions within the command
    • Command security procedures for badging, security checkpoints, destruction, visitors
    • Their responsibility to protect classified information
    • Their obligation to report suspected security violations obligation to report information on the security clearance eligibility of an individual who has access
  11. Refresher briefings should cover:
    • New security policies and procedures
    • Counterintelligence reminders regarding reporting contacts and exploitation attempts and foreign travel issues
    • Continuous evaluation
    • Command specific security concerns or problem areas
    • Attestation of Nondisclosure Agreement requirements
  12. What are 4 types of Special Briefings?
    • Foreign Travel Briefing
    • New Requirement Briefings
    • Program Briefings
    • NATO Security Briefing
  13. What recording sytem are special briefings to be recorded in?
  14. A debriefing may be required as a result of what 7 circumstances?
    • Transfers from one command to another
    • Terminating active military service or civilian employment
    • Temporarily separating for a period of 60 days or more
    • Expiration of a Limited Access Authorization
    • Inadvertent substantive access to information that the individual is not eligible to receive
    • Security clearance eligibility revocation
    • Administrative withdrawal or suspension of security clearance and SCI access eligibility for cause
  15. Debriefings must include:
    • All classified material in individuals' possession must be returned
    • Individuals are no longer eligible for access to classified information
    • Reminder of the provisions of the Classified
    • Nondisclosure Agreement
    • There are severe penalties for disclosure
    • The individual must report to the NCIS individuals will be required to read the provisions of the Espionage Act and other criminal statutes a Security Termination Statement is required
  16. For information on the Naval Security Manager Course you could visit what site?
  17. A Navy correspondence course entitled "Department of the Navy Introduction to the Information and Personnel Security Program," NAVEDTRA #14210, is available through whom?
    the command education service officer (ESO)
  18. Security training opportunities are also posted where?
  19. SECURITY TERMINATION STATEMENT form is located where?
    SECNAV M-5510.30 Exhibit 4A
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