life span motor development ch 1

  1. What is motor development?
    development of movement abilities
  2. What is motor learning?
    movement changes that are relatively permanent but related to experience or practice
  3. What is motor control?
    nervous system's control of the muscles to permit skilled and coordinated movements
  4. what is physical growth?
    quantitative increase in size or and functional magnitude
  5. what is maturation?
    progress towards physical maturity
  6. What is aging?
    the process of growing older regardless of chronological age
  7. What are Newell's 3 factors?
    individual, environment, and task constraints
  8. a_______ limits or discourages movement

    also permits or encourages other movements
  9. Individual contraints include
    unique physical and mental characteristics ex. height, limb length, strength, motivation
  10. ________ relate to the individual's body structure
    structural constraints

    ex. height, weight, muscle mass and leg length
  11. these constraints relate to behavior function ex. motivation, fear, experiences
    functional constraints
  12. Environmental constraints
    world around us, global not task specific

    ex. physical or sociocultural
  13. task constraints
    goals of a movement or activity

    ex. dribbling while running for b-ball players
  14. If interested in what behavior is like now and why the behavior is that way. Motor Development or Motor Learning?
  15. If interestedd in what behavior was like before our present observation, and why? Motor Development or Motor Learning?
    Motor Learning
  16. If interested in how the present behavior is going to change in the future, and why. Motor Development or Motor Learning?
    Motor Development
  17. Longitudinal research Study
    watch a group of a certain age for the entire length of period (could be years or decades)
  18. cross-sectional research study
    select individuals at chosen points within the age span
  19. Advantage of cross-sectional research study over longitudinal research study?
    researchers can study development in a short time
  20. Disadvantage of cross-sectional research study over longitudinal research study?
    never really observe change, only infer change from age group differences
  21. a group whose members share a common characteristic, such as age or experience.
  22. mixed-longitudinal or sequential research study
    several age groups are observed at one time or over a shorter time span
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