GYN Instruments

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    What is this Instrument?
    *It is really close in shape to an "o".
    oh yea, it's a ____.
    • O' connor, O' sullivan.
    • This is a self retaining retractor.
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    What is this Instrument?
    It's kinda heavy!
    Auvard Retractor
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    Do you know this stylish looking Instrument.
    Don't let it's design fool you for it's intended purpose.
    Goodell Uterine Dilator
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    OK! sorry for the awkward image, but there is some usefulness to this very off topic (and seemingly unrelated picture.
    Observe, notice how this vampire has spike teeth on the top and bottom. now here is the key.

    Whenever you see an instrument with teeth similar to this (two teeth or spiked on each jaw side), I want to to think of a vampire.

    After you have the idea of "vampire", Imagine that

    Another word for "Vampire" could be "Vulsellum"
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    Look at this instrument Carefully. You may not notice, but there is a set of 2 teeth on each side. Do you remember the idea of the 2 teeth on each side?
    Right! this is a Jacobs Vulsellum Forcep.

    Every Instrument for this Exam that has 2 teeth on each side has the name Vulsellum in it.

    I think jacobs because it looks a little more heafty than it's predecessors, and I have always known people with the name Jacob to be rather built.
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    Do you know what this instrument is? How do you know.
    Pederson Vaginal Specula (Opens up and down)

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    I have not yet found a good way to remember this one.
    Choose one of the following.
    Choice 1. Laufe polyp forcep
    Choice 2. Hirst placenta forcep
    • Choice 2 is the Correct Answer.
    • Hirst Placenta forcep
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    Ok, three things here. (FACT) There is 2 spikes on one side, and only one on the other. We know what this is NOT. so, What is this? and what is this not? How do you know?
    Answer 1. This is a Wylie Tenaculum

    Answer 2. This is not a Vulsellum

    Answer 3. Knowing that there is 2 spikes on one side and only one on another, we can infer that this does not satisfy the requirements for a Vulsellum.
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    Two Teeth on each side! Amazing!
    So, what is this Instrument?
    This is a Schroeder Vulsellum forcep
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    EEK! Yea, I realize that some of you are afraid of spiders, however this may be used as a device to help you remember some instruments.
    Any instrument with spikes that are not Vulsellum (vampires), are essentially like a tarantula.

    The easiest way for me to understand this is the two dominate extensions protruding from it's head.
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    Notice how this Instrument has two dominate spikes, similar to a tarantula.
    Tarantula is like Tenaculum, and Tenaculum is like Tarantula.

    This is a schroeder uterine tenaculum forcep
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    What is this?
    Heaney Hysterectomy Forcep
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    Ballentine Hysterectomy Forceps
  14. Image Upload 28
    Heaney Ballentine Hysterectomy Forceps.
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    Heaney Retractor
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    Hank Dilator
  17. Image Upload 34
    Pratt Uterine Dilator
  18. Image Upload 36
    Turner Warrik Retractor
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    Collon (buxton) Uterine forcep
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    Somer Uterine elevating forcep
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    If you hold the rings upward, this instrument can make the letter "J"
    Jorgenson Dissecting scissors
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    Sims Uterine curette
  23. Image Upload 46
    Similar to the Sims, however it is more blunt.
    Thomas Uterine curette
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    Sorry about this one, I forget to take a picture without.
    Ferris Smith Tissue forcep
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    Vacume curette
  26. Image Upload 52
    Vacume Curette 7MM
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GYN Instruments
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