1. No less than how many weeks prior to the PFA must CFL�s conduct a preliminary (courtesy) BCA, upon request of any member?
    10 weeks
  2. What is the Body Composition Assessment?
    The maximum weight for height screening and body fat percentage estimation based on circumference measurements
  3. Commands shall develop and implement a Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) for whom?
    All personnel striving for improved fitness
  4. Who is responsible for physical fitness of command personnel?
  5. Who is responsible for establishing Navy PFA standards and FEP guidance?
    Commander, Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM)
  6. At least one CPR-certified monitor will be present for every ______ members participating in the PRT, with a minimum of two monitors for every test.
  7. What happens when personnel who cannot participate in PT sessions and PFA�s due to a valid medical condition?
    CFL will design a rehabilitative program in conjunction with medical personnel and place personnel in program.
  8. Physical readiness activities shall include a minimum of how many sessions per week devoted to moderate and moderately high intensity physical conditioning?
  9. What happens to members who are unable to meet PFA standards?
    Will be subject to administrative action
  10. Medical waiver recommendations from participation in BCA shall only be issued for members who?
    Recouping from a medical or surgical condition that interferes with accurate and valid measurement
  11. CFL�s shall report any injuries related to Physical Readiness Program to whom?
    Command Safety Officer
  12. No less than how many weeks prior to the scheduled date of the PRT must the CFL�s release official directives to command announcing official test dates and schedule PFA cycle in PRIMS?
    10 weeks
  13. What is the principal goal of the Physical Readiness Program?
    To create a culture of fitness to enhance a member�s ability to complete tasks that support the commands mission
  14. Immediate Superiors in Command (ISICs) shall ensure subordinate commands enter accurate PRIMS data for all command members within how many days of completing each PFA cycle?
    30 days
  15. PRT shall not be conducted under harsh environmental conditions. Specifically, PRT should not be conducted outdoors when wind chill is _____ degrees Fahrenheit or lower, or when hot weather �black flag� conditions exist of _____ degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  16. Mission readiness and operational effectiveness are built on what?
    Physical fitness of the individual
  17. Medical waiver recommendations shall not exceed how long in duration?
    6 months
  18. Who is responsible for establishing the Navy�s Physical Readiness Program Policy?
    CNO with BUMED
  19. If an officer fails to meet BCA/PRT standards what happens?
    They are issued a written counseling
  20. All personnel must complete what in PRIMS 10 weeks prior to each PFA cycle and present to CFL for review?
  21. How often should the CFL�s confer with the CO to discuss current and impeding referrals for Ship-Shape, progress of personnel in FEP, or other items of mutual concern?
  22. For optimal improvement physical activity should be conducted how many times per week?
  23. On the day of the PRT tobacco use at the site is prohibited at least how many minutes before and how many minutes after the PRT?
  24. What form will be filled out each time an enlisted member fails to meet body composition assessment and/or PRT standards?
    NAVPERS 1070/613
  25. After confirmation of pregnancy by a health care provider, pregnant servicewomen shall not be required to meet PRT and BCA standards from the time the pregnancy is confirmed until how many months following the delivery?
    6 months
  26. How often shall PT sessions be conducted per week?
    3 to 5 times per week
  27. Who is required to participate in the PFA?
    All navy personnel
  28. What is an optimal number of assistant CFL�s per members?
    1 to 25
  29. Commands will report results of how many PFA�s per person per calendar year via the Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) website?
  30. CPR Monitors at the PRT have to be Hospital Corpsmen and shall not be test participants.
  31. After a member fails to meet body composition assessment and/or PRT standards and is issued a NAVPERS 1070/613 or more commonly known as a Page 13 Administrative Remarks form. How long should the command retain a copy?
    4 years
  32. Reserve personnel may be cleared for participation in the PRT for how long upon completion of the Annual Certificate of Physical Condition?
    12 months
  33. What is the primary means of organizing and documenting Physical Program information including medical screening?
  34. What is the PRT instruction number?
    OPNAVINST 6110.1H
  35. For sailors enrolled in FEP due to BCA concerns, the emphasis shall be placed on decreasing body fat versus weight loss. Adequate progress shall be at least ____ percent of body fat loss per month but by no means more than ______ percent of body weight in any week.
  36. Who shall evaluate and/or analyze data on Physical Readiness Program injuries and deaths?
    Commander, Naval Safety Center (COMNAVSAFECEN)
  37. Commands shall prohibit participation in PRT of members who do not participate in a physical conditioning program that requires members to consistently achieve exercise intensity comparable to the physical demand required of PRT
  38. For personnel who score an overall �Outstanding� or �Excellent� on the PRT, with no single event scored below �good�, COs are authorized to waive BCA criteria up to the DOD maximum standard of ______ percent (males) and ______ percent (females). Members must present a professional, military appearance to be eligible for consideration.
  39. Suggested initial maximum for required PT is ____ sessions per week, ____ minutes duration; members who exceed this maximum are at risk of injury.
  40. What is the purpose of the PFA?
    To provide members with goals to promote basic physical fitness, health, and readiness
  41. When scheduling the PRT it must be at least how many months after the last PRT but not more than how many months after the last PRT?
  42. FEP shall be conducted a minimum of ____ times per week for at least 1 hour during the workday.
  43. Physical conditioning should be at least how many minutes in length?
  44. NAVHLTHRESCHCEN determined upper allowable Navy BCA limits to correspond to ____ percent for men and ____ percent for women
  45. The Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) includes which two parts?
    Body Composition Assessment (BCA) and Physical Readiness Test (PRT)
  46. For members who are unable to participate in all or a portion of how many consecutive PFA�s? Particularly due to the same injury or illness (not to include pregnancy), may CO�s refer them to Medical for reevalutation and recommendation for assignment to Limited Duty (LIMDU) and/or Medical Board Review.
  47. Medical waivers are subject to who�s final approval and shall be closely reviewed and evaluated upon member�s transfer to another command or change in CO?
  48. CO�s will refer members to medical after how many BCA failures
    Initial failure
  49. An ORM analysis shall be completed at least how long prior to the PRT?
    24 hours
  50. As a CFL measuring a member for BCA you should take all circumference measurements _____ times and record them to the nearest � inch.
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