1. What is a centralized reenlistment reservation system?
    Perform to Serve (PTS)
  2. Who tracks communications between CDTs and rating detailers from the beginning of the detailing process through the ultimate assignment of the Sailor?
    Command Teaming Coordinator (CTC)
  3. At what time before EAOS/PRD are personnel in their first enlistment who are recommended for retention are identified and applied to PTS?
    15 months
  4. At what time before EAOS/PRD does CCC ensure that personnel are entered into the Team Detailing spreadsheet through a CDB?
    13 months
  5. What time before EAOS/PRD does NAVPERSCOM begin to review PTS applications?
    12 months
  6. At what time before EAOS/PRD will the command conduct a CDB on those sailors who have not been approved for PTS for possible modification of original request?
    9 months
  7. Six months before EAOS/PRD perform to serve personnel applications are move to what type of timeline?
    Fast-track and Reserve affiliation
  8. At what time before EAOS/PRD does personnel that have approvals lose thie approved quota if not under orders
    5 months
  9. Personnel retiring/transferring to the Fleet Reserve attend reenlistment TAP/separation TAP at what time before EAOS/PRD?
    24 months
  10. Separating/undecided Sailors completes the DD 2648 at what time before EAOS/PRD?
    12 months
  11. Who are included in a Command level CDB?
    • CMC
    • CCC
    • ESO
    • Augmented by department as directed.
  12. Who are included in a Department level CDB?
    • LCPO
    • LPO
    • Department Career Counselor
  13. What is a CDB?
    Career Develpoment Board
  14. What is a CCC?
    Command Career Counselor
  15. The CCC will maintain minutes for every CDB for how long?
    2 years
  16. Command level CDB will see first enlistment sailors within __ days of reporting.
    30 days
  17. Depatment level CDB will see all sailors on second or subsequent enlistment within __ days of reporting.
    60 days
  18. A command level CDB is required for sailors who PNA'd the advancement exam __ times?
    3 times
  19. A command level CDB is required for a sailor who has a standard exam score of __ or below?
    40 or below
  20. When shall a CDB be conducted for a sailor who is approaching HYT?
    24 months prior
  21. What is HYT?
    High Year Tenure
  22. What two levels will CDBs be held at?
    Command and Department
  23. Who will provide personnel records for review by the CDB?
    The CCC
  24. Who schedules command/department CDBs?
  25. Who will participate as the technical advisor on the CDB?
    The ESO
  26. The CDB replaces what interviews previously required?
    Retention Interviews
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