Hist Terms Ch 15-18

  1. Anarchists
    People who oppose all forms of government
  2. Eugenics
    False science that deals with improving hereditory traits
  3. Flapper
    A young, dramatic, stylish, and unconventional woman
  4. Evolution
    Where humans developed from lower forms of life over millions of years
  5. Creationism
    The belief that God created the world as described in the Bible
  6. Police Powers
    A government's power to control people and property in the interest of public safety, health, welfares, and morals
  7. Speakeasies
    Secret bars selling liquor during Prohibition
  8. Bohemian
    Artistic and unconventional lifestyle
  9. Mass Media
    Radios, movies, newspapers, and magazines aimed at a broad audience
  10. Blues
    Soulful style of music that evolved from African Americans
  11. Jazz
    A style of music influenced by Dixieland music and ragtime
  12. Normalcy
    A return to normal life after a war
  13. Immunity
    Freedom from prosecution
  14. Mass Production
    Large scale product manufacturing usually done by machines
  15. Assembly Line
    Divided operations into simple tasks that unskilled workers could do and cut unnecessary motions to a minimum
  16. Welfare Capitalism
    Where companies allowed workers to buy stock, participate in profit sharing, and receive medical care and pensions
  17. Open Shop
    A work place not requiring workers to join a union
  18. Supply-side Economics
    As the economy grew and Americans made more money, the government would collect more taxes at a lower rate than it would if it kept taxes high
  19. Cooperative Individualism
    Encouraged manufacturers and distributors to form their own trade associations, which would voluntarily share information with the federal government
  20. Isolation
    To be left alone to persue prosperity
  21. Moratorium
    A pause
  22. Stock Market
    A system for buying and selling shares of companies
  23. Bull Market
    A long period of rising stocks
  24. Margin
    Buying stocks without only a small cash downpayment
  25. Margin Call
    To demand on investors to repay a loan at once
  26. Speculation
    Investing money at great risk with the anticipation that the price will rise
  27. Installment
    To make a small down payment then pay the rest in monthly installments
  28. Bailiffs
    Court officers
  29. Shantytowns
    Shacks on unused public lands that form communities
  30. Hoovervilles
    Nickname given to shantytowns
  31. Hobos
    Homeless Americans wandering around the country
  32. Dust Bowl
    Name given to the Great Plains after being severely damaged by droughts and dust storms during the 1930's
  33. Soap Operas
    A serial drama on radio or television using melodramatic situations
  34. Public Works
    Government financed building projects
  35. Relief
    Money that went directly to impoverished families
  36. Foreclosed
    To take possession of a property from a mortgator because of lack of payments
  37. Gold Standard
    One ounce of gold equaled a set number of dollars
  38. Fireside Chats
    Direct talks to FDR held with the American people to let them know what he was trying to accomplish
  39. Deficit Spending
    Spending borrowed money rather than raising taxes in order to boost the economy
  40. Binding Arbitration
    When a neutral party listens to both sides of an argument and decides the issues
  41. Sit-down Strike
    Method of boycotting work by sitting down at work and refusing to leave the establishment
  42. Social Security Act
    To provide security for elderly and unemployed workers
  43. Broker State
    Working out conflicts among common interests
  44. Safety Net
    Safeguards and relief programs that protected people from economic disasters
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