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  1. To ensure your work center meets the deadlines set for the completion of tasks, which of the following factors must you properly manage?
    Personnel, material, and time
  2. Which of the following resources within your division are the most important in accomplishing a task?
    Personnel and materials
  3. A little time should be spent in your office in the morning and afternoon, then the rest of your time should be spent in the work area.
  4. As a minimum, how often should you assess your division's personnel and material readiness?
  5. When you assess your workers' job performance, you should look at which of the following areas?
    Attitude, knowledge, and work habits
  6. At a minimum, how often should you take inventory so that you will know when to order additional supplies?
  7. Which of the following logs is used by your division or department to maintain its supply inventory?
  8. Each command should ensure all hand and power tools are assigned serial numbers.
  9. What is the work center�s most valuable resource?
  10. The Enlisted Distribution Verification Report can better enable your division to fulfill which of the following requirements without an adverse effect?
    Temporary additional duty
  11. Based on the ship�s overall manpower, how are TAD requirements usually allocated?
    By department
  12. Which of the following schedules allows for losses in manpower, logistic problems, work stoppages, and personnel training?
    Work center schedule
  13. From the annual employment schedule, all other schedules are developed.
  14. Jobs on your work center schedule are listed by what order of precedence?
    P r i o r i t y
  15. What writing instrument should be used to fill out a work center schedule and time line?
  16. After your schedule is approved, which of the following requirements should be met?
  17. Including your junior petty officers in the planning process prevents which of the following problems from occurring?
  18. How many goal setting elements should you consider when setting goals within the work center?
  19. Keeping abreast of changes prevents crisis management from occurring.
  20. When you attend department meetings, remember to check which of the following factors before the meeting?
    Work progress
  21. As major job completion dates near, you should never allow which of the following situations to happen?
    Neglect minor jobs
  22. Assigning your junior petty officers challenging jobs will increase which of the following s k i l l s ?
  23. The work center supervisor has the complete responsibility for the completion of a job.
  24. When delegating authority, you should delegate to which of the following competent levels to develop your subordinates?
    L o w e s t
  25. You should inform your subordinates of their standing in the division in which of the following ways?
    By the use of counseling
  26. Who generates letters of instruction and command counseling sheets?
    • D i v i s i o n o f f i c e r
    • Division chief
  27. Counseling sheets and letters of instruction are entered in a member�s service record.
    F a l s e
  28. A page 13 entry reflects which of the following types of job performance?
    • Good
    • B a d
  29. If you use a facsimile stamp of someone�s signature, what should appear next to the signature to authenticate the facsimile?
    Your initials
  30. A naval message should be used instead of a NAVGRAM under which of the following circumstances?
    The communication is urgent and speed is of primary importance
  31. If a command is the �information addressee� on a message, which of the following actions, if any, should the command take concerning the message?
    Whatever action is required within the command
  32. After a naval message has been prepared and signed by the drafter, which of the following persons releases the message?
    The delegated releasing officer
  33. Who is responsible for the validation of the contents of a message?
  34. Who is responsible for the selection of a message precedence?
  35. Who is responsible for the proper addressing of messages?
  36. When assigning precedence to a message, which of the following factors should you consider?
    • Importance of the subject
    • Desired delivery time
  37. What is the highest precedence normally authorized for administrative messages?
  38. What precedence is identified by the prosign 0?
  39. A message is released at 1930 hours Greenwich mean time on 2 January 1991. What is the correctly stated date-time group (DTG) assisgned to the message?
    021930Z JAN 91
  40. Naval messages may have a total of (a) how many originators and (b) how many action and information addresses?
    (a) One (b) unlimited
  41. Messages addressed to address indicating groups (AIGs) would most likely contain which of the following types of information?
    Destructive storm warnings
  42. When a message is unclassified, what word or abbreviation should appear on the classification line?
  43. A message readdressal refers to what kind of message?
    One transmitted to an activity that is not an addressee on the original draft
  44. Unless otherwise directed, all naval message directives are automatically canceled after what maximum period of time?
    90 days
  45. Minimize requires message drafters and releasers to make which of the following considerations?
    Is electrical transmission essential
  46. A rough draft of naval correspondence to be reviewed by a drafting officer should contain which of the following types of information?
    One subject, clearly and concisely written
  47. What should be your first concern in drafting correspondence?
  48. When organizing a naval letter, what information should you include in the first paragraph?
    Purpose of the letter
  49. You are assigned the task of writing a piece of naval correspondence. Which of the following steps should be your first?
    Determining the target date
  50. When preparing the rough draft of a naval letter, you should concentrate on which of the following aspects?
    The necessary information
  51. When reviewing the rough draft of your correspondence for the first time, which of the following procedures should you follow?
    Make brief notes at points where the text can be improved
  52. Before presenting smooth correspondence for signature, you should check for accuracy in which of the following areas.
    • 1. Standard subject identification codes
    • 2. Properly labeledand attached enclosures
    • 3. Correct titles of all addressees
  53. The security classification you assign to naval correspondence is determined by which of the following factors?
    The information contained in the correspondence
  54. An endorsement may be placed on the signature page of a naval letter under which of the following circumstances?
    The space on the signature page of the basic letter is sufficient to accommodate the entire endorsement
  55. Correspondence that is used as informal communication between subordinates within the same activity can be accomplished by using which of the following methods?
    "From-To" memorandum
  56. What is the purpose of a NAVGRAM?
    Urgent communications between DOD addressees
  57. Our Navy uses a standard filing system for which of the following reasons?
    • 1. Frequent rotation of personnel
    • 2. Saves the Navy space
    • 3. Saves the Navy money
  58. Which, if any, of the following classified material does not require controlled routing?
  59. When filing material you should include all of the following except all early drafts and extra
  60. Standard subject identification codes (SSICs) provide which of the following standard systems throughout the Navy?
  61. When writing a naval letter, you should ensure it is well organized and orderly. Which of the following writing methods is NOT in the correct order?
    Stating explanations before answers
  62. The order that references appear in reference block of a naval letter is based on which of the following factors?
    The order in which they appear in the text
  63. Paragraphs in a naval letter should be short and contain roughly what maximum number of sentences?
    4 t o 5
  64. For an idea to gain emphasis within a sentence, where should it appear?
    At the start or the end of the sentence
  65. To save words, clarify ideas, and provide balance when you wish to express two or more equally important ideas in a sentence, you should use which of the following types of sentence construction?
    Parallel sentences
  66. To make your writing more like speaking, you should use which of the following writing techniques?
    • 1. Use personal pronouns
    • 2. Use everyday words
    • 3. Use short sentences
  67. Which of the following writing practices is the best approach to a subject when writing a directive?
    Write directly to a user
  68. As a subordinate writing to a senior, which of the following approaches should you avoid when setting the tone of the letter?
  69. Which of the following words hurt naval writing by stretching sentences, delaying meaning, and hiding responsibility?
    1. Request you I t i s
  70. Why is the Quarterly employment schedule important
    • � The quarterly employment schedule shows changes in the ship�s operations that could alter each department�s long range plan.
    • � Before making your work center schedule refer to the command�s annual and quarterly employment schedules.
  71. How many kinds of counceling are their
    • � You can use three methods of counseling:
    • - Counseling sheet/letter of instruction
    • - Page 13 entry (service record)
    • - Document the positive/ negative marks on the evaluation report
  72. What are some ways to recognize good performance.
    • � You can recognize good performance with rewards such as special liberty, late sleepers, extra time off at lunch, etc.
    • � Other types of recognition:
    • - Sailor of the Quarter/Year
    • - Letter of Appreciation
    • - Letter of Commendation
    • - Navy Achievement Medal
    • - Meritorious advancement
  73. What are two types of authority and what do they mean
    • � There are two types of authority.
    • - general
    • - Organizational
    • � General authority is given to officers and petty officers so they can fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
    • � Individuals have organizational authority needed to fulfill duties and responsibilities by virtue of their positions within the Navy organization.
  74. How must the CO have knowledge of the delegated authority granted
    � The CO must have all delegated signatures in writing
  75. Why is delegated authority delegated to title rather than names
    � Delegated signatures are delegated to titles rather than names, because people come and go but the position will be their and assumed by someone. How do subordinates sign documents under delegated authority? � When subordinates sign documents under delegated authority, they usually sign �by direction�
  76. What is the originator and releaser responsible for on a message
    • � The originator is responsible for the functions of the message drafter and message releaser.
    • �The Releaser is responsible for validating the contents of the message. Usually the CO is the releasing officer, but the CO can delegate releasing authority.
  77. How are messages divided what are their prosigns?
    • � Messages are divided into four common precedence categories:
    • - Routine (prosign R)
    • - Priority (prosign P)
    • - Immediate (prosign O)
    • - Flash (prosign Z)
  78. What are the time limits given for each prosign Z - 10 min
    • O - 30 min
    • P - 3 hours
    • R - 6 hours
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