VSOL 6c 4th Grade

  1. After the American Revolution, large numbers of Virginians began to head west because...

    A. ) they wanted to find better farm land and new opportunities.
  2. Life after teh Revolutionary War changed in many ways for Virginians, especially in the area of....

    B. ) farming.
  3. Why did the soil in Eastern Virginia wear out and not produce as many crops?

    A. ) the colonists had grown too much tobacco.
  4. When Virginians moved westward, what did they NOT take with them?

    D. ) roads
  5. When the Virginians moved westward, which of these was NOT one of the ways that they traveled?

    C. ) railroad
  6. TRUE or FALSE -Most of the Virginians that migrated westward had covered wagons.
    FALSE - most of them did not have covered wagons
  7. What did they call some of the first Virginians that began the westward migration?

    A. ) trailblazers and explorers.
  8. The people that marked the trails so that others could follow were called...

    C. ) trailblazers
  9. Who was one of the most famous trailblazers?

    A. ) Daniel Boone
  10. Daniel Boone and his group of axmen cut a path through the _____________ so that settlers could travel westward.

    D. ) Cumberland Plateau
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