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  1. The National military strategy rests on what three basic pillars?
    • Deterrence
    • Forward defense
    • Alliance solidarity
  2. When deterence fails to prevent an enemy's attack, the U.S. responds in one of what four ways?
    • 1. Meets force with force at the point of contact
    • 2. Increases the intensity of the conflict
    • 3. Alters the geographic width of the conflict
    • 4. Controls the duration of fighting
  3. What does the TRIAD of strategic nuclear forces concict of?
    • Ballistic missiles
    • Intercontinental ballistic missles (ICBMs)
    • Long-range bombers
  4. What type of missiles is the Strategic Air Command's (SAC) intercontinental balisstic missle force composed of?
    Minuteman missiles and Peacekeeper ICBMs
  5. A strike is an attack intended to _________.
    Inflict damage, sieze or destroy an objective.
  6. What was the first Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarine launched in 1959?
    George Washington, SSBN-598
  7. Naval warfare involves what three major areas?
    • Surface ASUW
    • Subsurface ASW
    • Air AAW
  8. What is AAW?
    The destruction of enemy aircraft and airborne weapons.
  9. What is ASW?
    The destruction or neutrilization of enemy submarines.
  10. What is ASUW?
    The destruction or neutrilization of enemy suface combatants and merchant ships.
  11. What is Strike warfare?
    The use of conventional or nuclear weapons in the destruction or neutrilization of enemy targets ashore.
  12. Where is the Second Fleet located?
    Atlantic ocean CINCLANTFLT
  13. Where is the Sixth Fleet located?
    Mediterranean Sea CINCUSNAVEUR
  14. Where is the Third Fleet West coast of the United States
  15. Where is the Seventh Fleet?
    • Western Pacific and Indian Ocean
  16. Where is the Fifth Fleet?
    Middle East CENTCOM
  17. What was the first Trident submarine launched?
    Ohio SSBN-726
  18. What is a SAG?
    Surface Action Group
  19. What is Amphibious warfare?
    Attacks launched from the sea onto an enemy shore.
  20. What is Mine warfare?
    The use of mines and mine countermeasures to control sea or harbor areas.
  21. What is Special warfare?
    Nonconventional in nature and usualy conducted in secrecy.
  22. What is Ocean Surveilance?
    Ocean surveillance is the observation of ocean areas to detect, locate, and classify selected air, surface, and subsurface targets.
  23. What is Intelligence?
    The assessment and management of information obtained via surveillance, reconnaissance, and other means.
  24. What is Electronic warfare?
    Electronic warfare ensures the effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum by friendly forces while determining, reducing, or preventing its use by an enemy.
  25. What is Logistics?
    The resupply of combat consumables to combatant forces during operations
  26. What is the shipboard integrated AAW combat weapons system?
  27. How many targets can the AEGIS system track at once?
    Over 100
  28. What is the Navy's medium-range, rocket boosted, turbo-sustained cruise missile?
  29. What is the Navy's first all-weather, automatic-controlled gunsystem designed to provide defense against close in, seaskimming cruise missiles?
    The Phalanx
  30. What air to air missile was introduced to the fleet with the F-14 aircraft in 1974?
  31. What is the Navy's all weather, submarine or suface launched, longrange subsonic cruise missile?
  32. What is the ability to deploy and employ without unacceptable delays?
  33. What instruction do ships base all drills and basic bills from?
    SORN Standard Organization and Regulations of the Navy OPNAVINST 3120.32
  34. What is the SORN?
    Standard organization and Regulations of the Navy
  35. What is OPNAVINST 3120.32?
  36. Who conducts an inspection to ensure the ship's propulsion system is safe?
    PEB Propulsion Examination Board
  37. What inspection tests the ability of the crew and ship to operate in battle under wartime conditions?
    ORI Operational Readiness Instruction
  38. What type of ships is the Ticonderoga class?
  39. What type of ship is the Oliver Hazard Perry?
  40. What type of ship is the Arliegh Burke?
  41. What type of ship is the Ohio?
  42. What type of aircraft is the Tomcat?
  43. What type of aircraft is the Hornet?
  44. The RIM-66 is what type of missile?
    Standard surface to air
  45. The Rim-67 is what type of missle?
    Extended range standard missile
  46. The RGM-84 is what type of missile?
    Harpoon antiship missile
  47. What is an AIM-54?
    Phoenix air to air missile
  48. What is a MK-48?
  49. What is a BGM-109?
    Tomahawk Cruise missile
  50. What type of training is designed to turn a materially ready and manned ship into a ship that is fully capable of performing its assigned mission.
    Refresher training
  51. Which inspections ensure ships follow correct record setup and administrative procedures?
    These inspections give the greatest attention to the ship´┐Żs planned maintenance system (PMS). Administrative inspections
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