VSOl 6a 4th Grade

  1. In what year did each state send delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

    B. 1787
  2. The Constitutional Convention was held in what city?

    B. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Why was the Constitutional Convention held?

    D. ) to write a new plan of government for the new nation.
  4. What was the document that was written at the Consitutional Convention called?

    A. ) the United States Constitution
  5. Which two Virginia statesmen were present at the Constitutional convention?

    A. ) George Washington and James Madison
  6. This Virginian believed in the importance of having a Constitution.

    A. ) James Madison
  7. This Virginian was skilled at compromise and was able to assist the delegates reach agreement on many issues.

    A. ) James Madison
  8. This person kept detailed notes at the Constitutional Convention.

    A. ) James Madison
  9. This man is known as the Father of the Consitution.

    A. ) James Madison
  10. This Virginian was chosen to oversee the work of the statesmen gathered at the Constituional Convention.

    B. ) George Washington
  11. When the Constituional Convention was over in September of 1787, what was the result?

    B. ) A new nation had been created.
  12. Under the rules of this new Constitutional government, the countries leaders were to be elected by...

    C. ) the citizens of the new country
  13. This man was elected as the first President of the United States.

    A. ) George Washington
  14. This man was known as the Father of Our Country.

    C. ) George Washington
  15. Why did the people elect Washignton as the first President?

    D. ) he would provide the strong leadership that the country needed to grow.
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