Final/ Coding Vocab

  1. Neonatal intensive care
    is provided to critically ill neonates and infants by a physician
  2. Specialty Hospital
    health care facility that delivers care to a paticular population of patients or type of disease
  3. General hospital
    acute care facility that provides emergency care, general surgery, and inpatient admission services based on licensing by the state.
  4. Principal diagnosis
    condition established after study to be chiefly responsible for occasioning teh admission of the patient to the hospital for care
  5. Comorbidity
    coexisting condition that is treated during the same encounter as or impacts teh midical management of another condition.
  6. Complication
    condition that occurs during the course of an impatient hospital episode.
  7. Admitting Diagnosis
    The diagnosis provided by the physician at the time the admission which describes the patients condition upon admission to the hospital.
  8. Primary care
    acute care and preventative services provided as outpatient care and referred toas the point of first contact
  9. Rheumatologist
    a physician who specializes in rheumatic diseases.
  10. MRI
    Magnetic resonance imaging. noninvasive x-rat procedure that uses an externam magnetic field to produce a two-dimensional view of an internal organ or structure, such as the brain or spinal cord.
  11. Allergy and immunology
    evaluation and treatment of immune system disorders
  12. Hospital Observation status
    where patients lenght of stay is 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds or less.
  13. Dermatology
    diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders and cosmetic disorders of the skin
  14. Gynecology
    diagnosis and treatment(includes preventative management ) of female reproductive and urinary system disorders.
  15. Psychiarty
    diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health diseases
  16. Thoracic
    Pertaining to the chest or thorax
  17. Ambulatory surgical center
    surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Patients arrive on the day of procedure, undergo surgery in an operationg room and recover under the care of the nursing staff.
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