History Chapter 17 Vocab

  1. absolute monarch
    ruler with complete authortiy over hte government and lives of the people
  2. divine right
    authority to rule came directly from god
  3. armada
    fleet of ships
  4. intendants
    royal officials hwo collected taxes, recruited soldiers, and carried out his polcies into the provinces (louix xiv)
  5. levee
    rising (of king louis XIV out of bed)
  6. balance of power
    distribution of military and economic power that would prevent any one nation from dominating europe
  7. dissenters
    protestants who differed with the church of england ie puritans
  8. habeas corpus
    no person could be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime.
  9. mercenaries
    hired soldiers
  10. depopulation
    decrease in population
  11. westernization
    adoption of western ideas, technology, and culture
  12. boyars
    landowning nobles
  13. warm-water ports
    one that would be free of ice all year round
  14. partition
    divide up
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