Goldstein Project

  1. yorick?
    first monkey to live through a space flight
  2. Albert I, II, IV?
    some of the first monkeys to attempt going flying into space, but all died on impact.
  3. gordo?
    catapulted 600 miles high, died when his flotation device failed after landing in Atlantic Ocean. Signals from heartbeat & respiration proved that humans could survive a space trip.
  4. Able & Baker:year, etc
    1959, carried to a 300 mile altitude both were recovered unharmed. Able died b/c of effects of anesthesia while doctors were taking out his signal transmitter from under skin.
  5. sam?
    • well known. School of Aviation Medicine. launched in a capsule on top of a rocket to test LES launch escape system.
    • traveled at speed of 3685 mph he was aborted from the rocket, then landed safely in atlantic ocean. he had no ill effects from his journey
  6. ms. sam
    sam's mate, was launched to test the same thing LES. returned to earth healthy
  7. Ham
    First chimp in space. Holloman Aero Medical Center. his original flight planned for speeds up to 4400 but tech difficulty caused him to reach higher altitudes and speeds up to 5857 mph. Ham did well through his flight, experienced 9 minutes of weightlessness. hams flight paved the way for the successful launch of americas first human astronaut.
  8. Goliath
    small 1.5 lb monkey, launched in a rocket. died when his rocket was destroyed 35 seconds into his flight at cape canaveral
  9. Enos
    1st primate to orbit earth. Mission plan called for 3 orbits but only completed 2. Enos landed safely, his mission resulted in testing for a human orbital flight which John Glenn achieved
  10. Later in the ____ ____ and ____ ____s monkeys were being launched into space...............?
    on flights ranging from 5 to 14 days long. Not many monkeys were killed.
  11. Since thenn...........despite some losses...
    since then americans russians french chinese and japanese programs have sent animals into space. Despite some loss of life monkeys have taught scientists things they never would have learned without them. Without the use of animals in space a great deal of human lives would have been lost. The animals have sacrificed a lot for their countries. They sometimes gave thier lives, and paved the way for advances into space.
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