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  1. List the elements of a good Navy leader.
    • Moral principles
    • Personal example
    • Administrative ability
  2. List the principles of conduct that give direction, solidity, and consistency to leadership.
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
  3. What is another term used to describe administrative ability?
    good management practices.
  4. To be a good leader, you must know how to be a good follower.
  5. List three followership qualities.
    • Loyalty
    • Initiative
    • Dependability
  6. Describe the purpose of a
    to teach, not to embarrass; therefore, give reprimands in private.
  7. List the ways you can help build morale.
    • Pride�being proud of what your personnel have accomplished
    • Integrity�being honest with yourself
    • Keeping personnel informed�making sure your personnel know what is happening
  8. What is the primary goal of the Continuous Improvement Program?
    to increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership.
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PMK: BMR CH 20.txt