CFI Psych Test 1 (part 2)

  1. Explain positive and negative correlations
    Positive correlation shows that if one event increases, the other event will increase. EX: If one twin has hyper activity, the other twin will also

    Negative correlation shows that if one event increases, the other tends to decrease. EX: If one twin has hyper activity, the other twin will show decreased activity.
  2. Who was Freud?
    Physician from 1800s that treated many patients with psychological problems. His psychoanalytic approach is the idea that the first 5 years have a profound effect on later personality development.
  3. What are endorphins?
    A neurotransmitter secreted to decrease pain during great bodily stress. The brain's own "painkiller" very similar to morphine.
  4. What is reticular formation?
    Contained in the midbrain, it arouses the forebrain so that it is ready to process information from the senses.
  5. What new techniques are being used to help with the treatment of Alzheimer's disease?
    Stem cell research has been considered because researchers believe that stem cells can repair the damage Alzheimers has created in the brain.

    There are also testings of Vaccicnes that may help and stop buildup of glue like substances thay kill nuerons and caused the brain to shrink.
  6. What does corpus collosum do?
    It is a section of the brain that is involved in paying attention and controlling impulses. Finding shows that children with ADHD have a total smaller brain size and smaller size of these specific areas.
  7. What does the cortex do?
    Made from a thin layer of cells, the cortex covers the entire surface of the forebrain. A vast majority of nuerons are located in the cortex, which folds over on itself so that if forms a large surface area.
  8. What does the midbrain do?
    The midbrain has a reward or pleasure center, which is stimulated by food, sex, money, music, attractive faces, and some druges (cocaine). It also has areas for visual and auditory reflexes, such as automatcially turning your head towards a noise.
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