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  1. Which of the following characteristics define a custom?
    An act that is continued consistently over a long period of time
  2. A well-defined and uniformly followed act
    A generally accepted act not opposed to a statute, lawful regulation, or order
  3. Of the following salutes, which one is the most common?
  4. When in uniform, Navy personnel are required to salute when which of the following situations occurs?
    Meeting officers
  5. Hearing the national anthem
    Approaching the national ensign
  6. In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
  7. Salutes are rendered to all officers of the U.S. and foreign armed services. Officers belonging to which of the following organizations are also entitled to salutes?
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Public Health Service
  8. When going aboard ship that's flying the national ensign, you must stop on the upper platform on the accommodation ladder or the shipboard end of the brow and take which of the following actions first?
    Face the national ensign and salute
  9. While standing a sentry box, you are approached by an officer. What type of rifle salute should you render?
    Present arms
  10. You are not required to salute in which of the following situations?
    When guarding prisoners and an officer passes within saluting distance
  11. The term honors is defined by which of the following statements?
    Salutes rendered by a ship, unit, post, station, or an individual to high-ranking individuals, other ships, or nations
  12. Passing honors for ships are exchanged when ships pass within what distance?
    600 yards
  13. Passing honors for boats are exchanged when boats pass within what distance?
    400 yards
  14. Your ship is about to render honors to another ship passing close aboard to starboard. In what order are the appropriate whistle signals given?
    One blast, one blast, two blasts, three blasts
  15. A crew is paraded at quarters on which of the following occasions?
    When the ship is returning from an extended deployment
  16. Gun salutes are normally fired at what time interval?
    5 seconds
  17. On which of the following special occasions is a 21-gun salute fired at 1-minute intervals?
    • President's Day
    • Independence Day
  18. Which of the following phrases defines the term ceremony?
    A formal act performed on a public occasion
  19. Aboard ship, how many minutes before morning and evening colors is the PREP pennant hoisted?
    5 minutes
  20. On Navy ships not under way, where is the union jack displayed?
    The jack staff on the bow
  21. A commissioning or command pennant is half-masted only under which, if any, of the following conditions?
    When the commanding officer or unit commander dies
  22. Which of the following naval customs is observed in the U.S. Navy by ships that are under way?
    The national ensign is flown day and night
  23. The national ensign is hoisted and lowered in which of the following ways?
    Hoisted smartly, lowered ceremoniously
  24. If you are in uniform and covered, how do you render honors when the national anthem is played indoors but the flag is not displayed?
    Hand salute at attention while facing the music
  25. When the national anthem is being played, Sailors in a boat must adhere to which of the following rules?
    Only the boat officer (or, if absent, the coxswain) salutes; all others remain seated at attention
  26. What march does the Navy band play to honor the President of the United States?
    "Hail to the Chief"
  27. Upon entering an area where Christian divine services are being held, you, as messenger of the watch, should take which of the following actions?
    Uncover only
  28. An enlisted person and two officers are about to board a boat. Which of the following procedures should the enlisted person follow in entering the boat?
    Board first and sit forward, leaving room aft for the officers
  29. What material is used to make government-issue dress blue jumpers and trousers?
    Wool serge
  30. What material is used to make government-issue dress white jumpers and trousers?
    Navy twill
  31. When large medals are prescribed for wear with the dress blue uniform, the uniform is known as
    full dress
  32. Which of the following uniforms is/are considered the working uniforms for female Sailors?
    • Belted blue slacks and blue winter shirt
    • Belted blue skirt and blue winter shirt
    • Dungarees
  33. Enlisted Sailors, E-6 and below, are authorized to wear command or Navy ball caps with what type of uniform?
  34. Where can you find information on what is the prescribed uniform of the day?
    POD or POW
  35. Division officers are required to inspect the uniforms of nonrated personnel at regular intervals for what reason?
    To make sure that each person has the prescribed uniform
  36. What is the largest size stencil authorized for marking clothing?
    1 inch CORRECT
  37. The transfer or exchange of enlisted personnel
    • uniform items must be authorized by which of the following persons?
    • Commanding officer
  38. Military personnel may wear authorized military uniform articles of clothing with civilian clothing including shoes, gloves and the knit watch cap.
  39. Occupational groups are identified by what means?
    A group mark, which is worn on the left sleeve of jumpers and white summer shirts
  40. What is a striker mark? 1. A specialty designator for seamen only
    A specialty mark of a particular rating, worn by personnel in paygrades E-1, E-2, and E-3 who have qualified for the rating
  41. How many years of service must a person complete to be eligible to wear one service stripe (hash mark)?
  42. How many years of continuous good conduct are required before a person becomes eligible to wear gold service stripes?
  43. How can you determine whether an officer is a line officer or a staff corps officer?
    A star is worn on the sleeve or shoulder board of the line officer
  44. What insignia is worn by officers and enlisted personnel who have qualified in all phases of surface warfare?
    Surface warfare
  45. What insignia is worn by personnel who have qualified to serve in submarines?
    Submarine warfare
  46. What insignia is worn by personnel qualified to serve in flight?
    Aviation warfare
  47. There are how many broad categories of awards?
  48. In what year was the Purple Heart founded by President Washington?
  49. Which of the following is an example of a campaign or a service award?
    Good Conduct Medal
  50. What is the maximum number of ribbons that may be worn in each row?
  51. What means of identification must you carry with you at all times?
    Armed forces identification card
  52. Under which of the following circumstances may you surrender (give up) your ID card?
    • To show a change in rank
    • To correct an error
    • To effect a name change
  53. What type of information is found on ID tags?
    • Last name, first name, and middle initial
    • SSN, blood type, and Rh factor
    • Religious preference
  54. According to grooming standards for men, how many rings per hand may be worn ?
  55. According to grooming standards for women, what is the maximum length of fingernails (as measured from the tip of the finger)?
    1/4 inch
  56. Enlisted women, E-6 and below, are authorized to wear ball-type earrings of what (a) size and (b) what color?
    (a) 6mm (b) silver
  57. When personnel are in ranks, the chest of one person and the back of the person ahead should be what distance apart?
    40 inches
  58. A pace consists of a full step of what length for (a) men and (b) women?
    (a) 30 inches (b) 24 inches
  59. Which of the following drill positions is the basic military position?
  60. Talk is permitted when you are in which of the following formation positions?
  61. How many movements are used to perform the ABOUT FACE command?
  62. Personnel in formation align themselves with which of the following persons?
    Each other
  63. After the command DRESS RIGHT DRESS, a formation returns to the attention position on which of the following commands?
    Ready, on the word FRONT
  64. When the command CLOSE RANKS is given to members in formation, the fourth rank moves how many paces forward?
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