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  1. A ship maintains a watch for which of the following reasons?
    • 1. Communications
    • 2. Security
    • 3. Safety
  2. A ship's plan for action is contained in what type of bill?
    Battle bill
  3. Qualified personnel are assigned to stations by which of the following persons?
    Division officer and division chief
  4. General quarters all battle stations are manned.
  5. Normal wartime cruising watch 4 hours on, 8 hours off.
  6. If you are scheduled to stand the second dog watch, you should report at which of the following times?
  7. What watch are you standing between 2000 and 2400 hours?
    Evening watch
  8. Watches are split into port and starboard for what reason?
    For security
  9. What type of watch do most Sailors stand?
  10. Which of the following is a type of a security watch?
    • 1. Sentry duty
    • 2. Barracks watch
    • 3. Fire watch
  11. Which of the following is a key assignment for officers in the watch organization?
    • 1. CDO
    • 2. OOD
    • 3. JOOD
  12. Which of the following is a duty of the QMOW?
    To maintain the ship's deck log
  13. What person makes sure all deck watch stations are manned with qualified personnel and all watch standers from previous watches are relieved?
  14. Where is the fog lookout watch usually stood?
    In the bow where approaching ships can be heard
  15. For what reason does the fog lookout watch normally consist of two Sailors?
    To allow the lookout to work without having his/her hearing impaired by wearing sound-powered phones
  16. What type of watch is set when positive steering control must be maintained?
    After steering
  17. What is the purpose of the security watch?
    To increase the physical security of the ship
  18. Which of the following is a duty of security watches and patrols?
    • 1. To be alert for fire hazards
    • 2. To check the security of weapons magazines
    • 3. To inspect damage control closures

    • You are a member of a security patrol, and you detect a fire hazard that affects the safety of the ship. What action should you take?
    • Report it to the OOD immediately
  19. What is the purpose of a shipboard fire watch?
    To immediately extinguish fires caused by welding or burning operations CORRECT
  20. When standing a barracks security watch, which of the following is the first action to take if there is a fire?
    Report the fire CORRECT
  21. Sentries are governed by what two types of orders?
    General and special CORRECT
  22. When aboard ship, you should refer to what publication for the procedures used to relieve an armed watch?
  23. Which of the following is a precaution to follow when standing an armed watch with a pistol?
    • 1. When relieved, unload the pistolin a safe area
    • 2. Don't surrender the pistol to an unauthorized person
    • 3. Keep the pistol (which is loaded with one round in the chamber) in its holster unless you have to use it
  24. Under which of the following conditions can deadly force be used?
    • 1. To prevent the escape of a murderer
    • 2. To prevent sabotage
    • 3. To protect your life
  25. Why is a lookout posted? 1. To prevent blind spots caused by metal objects
    To search for objects radar can't detect
  26. The peacetime lookout organization has how many Sailors in each watch station?
  27. Which of the following is/are types of bearings?
    Relative, true, and magnetic
  28. Which of the following is Navy phraseology for reporting a bearing of 038�?
    Zero, tree, ate
  29. Lookouts report what type of bearing?
  30. Which of the following statements describes a target angle?
    The relative bearing of your ship from another ship
  31. A position angle can never be more than what number of degrees?
  32. How are position angles reported?
    Two digits, spoken as a whole
  33. How should you report objects that are low in the water?
    By the object's approximate distance
  34. Ranges are reported in what unit of measurement?
  35. When using binoculars, what adjustments should you make?
    Two for focus and one for proper distance between the lenses
  36. How long does it take for you to reach your best night vision?
    30 minutes
  37. What is meant by the term dark adaptation?
    The improvement of vision in dim light
  38. When should you use "off-center vision?"
    When it's dark
  39. What information is contained in an initial report?
    The object and its bearing from the ship
  40. To report serial number 23NCI16 over the sound-powered telephone circuit, you would report the serial number in what way?
    Too, tree, november, charlie, india, wun, six
  41. It's important for you to remember that the mouthpiece and earpiece of sound-powered telephones are interchangeable for which of the following reasons?
    Both 2 and 3 above
  42. The headset of sound-powered telephones is picked up as a unit for which of the following reasons?
    To avoid breaking them
  43. When using the mouthpiece of a sound-powered phone set to report contacts, how far from your mouth should you position the mouthpiece?
    1/2 to 1 inch
  44. Why should you unplug a phone's headset when it's not in use?
    Earpieces will pick up noise and transmit it over the circuit
  45. Aboard ship, there are how many categories of shipboard sound-powered phone circuits?
  46. What category of shipboard telephone circuits is designed to maintain vital communications and are preceded by the letter X?
    Auxiliary system
  47. Which of the following sound powered phone circuits is used as the CO's battle circuit?
  48. To keep the meaning of a message intact when standing duty as a telephone talker, what action should you take?
    Speak loudly
  49. Within the IVCS, what is the purpose of the ICSCs?
    To perform switching actions
  50. Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is called the general announcing system?
  51. Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is used for intership communications?
  52. Which of the following shipboard announcing systems is used for hangar deck damage control?
  53. What is the purpose of the 20MC announcing system?
    Combat information announcing systemT
  54. Aboard ship, a man overboard is indicated by what emergency/warning flag?
  55. What administrative flag is used to recall all personnel to the ship?
  56. What administrative flag is flown in port to indicate the ship has ready duty?
  57. When under way, the national ensign is normally flown from what location?
    The gaff
  58. Which of the following statements defines the term "colors?"
    Colors consist of our national ensign along with the union jack
  59. When a naval ship is in port or at anchor, the union jack is flown from what location?
    The jackstaff
  60. The U.S. Navy flag is flown in which of the following situations?
    Each of the above
  61. Which of the following flags are half-masted at the death of the CO?
    Each of the above
  62. On small ships, personnel from what watch are responsible for hoisting and hauling down absentee pennants?
    Quarterdeck watch
  63. On large ships, what person is responsible for making sure that special flags or pennants are displayed to indicate changing events aboard ship?
    Duty signalman
  64. Where is a list of special flags and pennants normally posted as a ready reference for watch standers?
    Quarterdeck area
  65. An officer in command entitled to a personal flag is embarked in a boat on an official mission. Where should the pennant be flown?
    In the bow
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