Biology Chapter 2

  1. Atoms
    The smallest particles that retain the properties of an element.
  2. Matter
    Material that takes up space.
  3. 6 Elements of Life
    • -Carbon
    • -Hydrogen
    • -Nitrogen
    • -Oxygen
    • -Phosphorus
    • -Sulfur
  4. 2 Main parts of an Atom

    Electron Shell
  5. Solution
    Contains dissolved substances called solutes
  6. Isotopes
    Atoms of a single element that differ in their number of neutrons.

    Isotopes have the same number of protons but different atomic masses.
  7. Hydrogen Bonds
    *weakest type of bond*

    form when opposite charges on two molecules are attracted to each other
  8. Buffer System
    The combination of a weak acid and the base that forms when the acid dissolves in water.
  9. Ion
    Atom or molecule that has either lost or gained electrons.

    • Gained= Net Negative
    • Lost= Net Positive
  10. Cohesion
    The tendency of water molecules to cling together.
  11. Hydrophillic
    *water loving*

    Molecules form hydrogen bonds with water.
  12. Hydrophobic
    *water fearing*

    Molecules do not form hydrogen bonds with water
  13. Ionic Bond
    Electrons are transferred between atoms.
  14. Polar Covalent Bond
    Electrons are not shared equally. They are drawn more to 1 atoms nucleus that the other.
  15. Nonpolar Covalent Bonds
    Electrons are shared equally between atoms.
  16. Molecule
    The smallest part of a compound that still has the properties of that compound.
  17. Compound
    2 or more dufferent elements bonded together.
  18. Neutrons

    Neutrally charged particles located in Nucleus.

    Mall of a neutron is equal to the mass of the protons.
  19. Elements
    Pure chemical substances composed of atoms that cannot be degraded by chemical means into a substance having different properties.
  20. Electrons
    Negatively charged particles located in the electron cloud.

    Have so little mass they are not calculated in the mass of the atom.
  21. If you mix salt and water what is the solution? What is the solute?
    • Salt=Solute
    • Water=Solution
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