The Rapoports: 5 types of family diversity

  1. What are the Rapoports first names?
    Rhona and Robert hahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. What do they think that Chester does not?
    That diversity is of central importance in understanding family life today.
  3. They believe that we have moved away from the traditional nuclear family as the dominant family type to a a range of different types
    True or False?
  4. Why has this happened in Britain?
    Families in Britain have ADAPTED to a PLURALISTIC SOCIETY
  5. What is a Pluralistic Society?
    One in which cultures and lifestyles are more diverse
  6. What are the Rapoports views on family diversity? (3 things)
    • Greater freedom of choice.
    • Widespread acceptance of different cultures and ways of life.
    • That it is NOT ABNORMAL like the New Right think.
  7. Name the 5 different types of family diversity (according to the Rapoports).
    • 1)Organisational Diversity
    • 2)Cultural Diversity
    • 3)Social Class Diversity
    • 4)Life-Stage Diversity
    • 5)Generational Diversity
  8. What is Organisational Diversity?
    The differences in ways in which the family roles are organised e.g. some couples have joint conjugal roles some have segregated conjugal roles.
  9. What is Cultural Diversity?
    Different cultural, religious, and ethnic groups have different FAMILY STRUCTURES
  10. What is Social Class Diversity?
    Differences in structure as a result of INCOME DIFFERENCES between families of different social class.
  11. What is Life-Stage Diversity?
    Family structures differ according to the stage reached in their life.
  12. What is Generational Diversity?
    older and younger generations gave different ATTITUDES and life EXPERIENCES .
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