Chester's Neo-Conventional Family

  1. Does Chester see the increase in family diversity in a negative light?
    No, he doesn't even see it as SIGNIFICANT
  2. What does Chester think is the more important change?
    The move from the DOMINANCE of the traditional OR conventional family to the NEO-CONVENTIONAL.
  3. What is the difference between the Conventional family and the Neo-conventional family?
    • The conventional family is described by the New Right and Talcott Parsons as having a DIVISION OF LABOUR between men (breadwinner) and women (home-maker).
    • The NEO-conventional family is a DUAL-EARNER FAMILY-quite similar to the symmetrical family described by Willmott and Young .
  4. What does Chester say about the nuclear family? (about what people want)
    That it is the IDEAL to which most people aspire
  5. LIFE-CYCLE is the reason for why Chester argues that many people aren't part of a nuclear family at any 1 time...what does this mean? :-/
    • That people have either been part of a nuclear family at one point or/and will do in the future
    • e.g. younger people who are not married yet -came from a nuclear family and will enter one
    • elderly widows or widowers who were part of a nuclear family etc..
  6. Chester says that there has been little change in family diversity...why? (6 things)
    • Most people live in a house headed by a married couple.
    • Most people marry and have kids.
    • Most marriages continue until death.
    • Cohabitation is on the increase BUT for many people it is just a phase before marriage.
    • Births outside of marriage BUT the baby beezz jointly registered -shows commiment.
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Chester's Neo-Conventional Family
How the importance the move from traditional or conventional nuclear family to Neo-conventional nuclear family is greater than that of the increase in family diversity.