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  1. List the security classifications.
    • a. Top Secret
    • b. Secret
    • c. Confidential
  2. What does FOUO stand for?
    For Official Used Only
  3. Who is authorized to initiate a request for a security clearance and background investigation?
    Commanding officers
  4. A background investigation is required for what levels of security clearances?
    Top Secret and Secret clearances.
  5. What does a letter in parentheses, such as (S), after a publication title tell you about the publication?
    the classification of that publication.
  6. How are classified material such as videotapes,cassettes, and computer disks marked?
    marked by tags, stickers, decals, and so on
  7. A publication contains Confidential material, except for one paragraph that contains Top Secret material.How is this publication marked?
    this publication is marked Top Secret.
  8. What type of area is used to keep classified material?
    Security area
  9. What type of material is safeguarded through ADP Security?
    data processing equipment (computers) including hardware, software, administrative and operating procedures, communications, and personnel and spaces
  10. You are making your rounds as a roving security patrol and discover that the door to the radio roomis unlocked and the roomunattended. What action should you take?
    contact the senior duty officer to report a security violation. Then, stand guard over the space until the duty officer arrives.
  11. The least secure system of communication should never be used to discuss classified material. What is the least secure communications means and why should it never be used to discuss classified material?
    telephone. Never use telephones to discuss classified material because they can bephysically and electronically wiretapped.
  12. You are on leave away from your command. You meet someone who starts asking questions about your command and its mission. What should you do?
    report the incident to the nearest military activity
  13. What are the two most publicized methods of terrorism?
    • a. Taking hostages
    • b. Bombing
  14. Where is the likely spot for a terrorist bombing to occur?
    places of business that serve a high volume of people such as airports, nightclubs, and restaurants.
  15. What form is used to record bomb threats received over the phone?
    Telephonic Threat Complaint, OPNAV Form 5527/8.
  16. If you receive a bomb threat over the phone, what should you do?
    • a. Keep the caller on the line and get as much information as possible.
    • b. Record in writing the caller�s conversation.
    • c. Ask caller where�s the bomb, what type of bomb, time of detonation, and what it looks like.
    • d. Try to determine sex, age, attitude of caller, and accents or speech impediments; try to remember background noises.
  17. What is the main purpose of the SOFA?
    to define the status of military personnel of one country stationed in a territory of another
  18. What document dictates the treatment of POWs?
    Geneva Convention.
  19. What is the purpose of the Law of Armed Conflict?
    to govern the conduct of military personnel engaged in fighting.
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