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  1. What�s the main difference between pay and allowance?
    The main difference between pay and allowance is that pay is taxable income and allowance is nontaxable income.
  2. List the three types of pay the Navy uses.
    • a. Basic
    • b. Incentive
    • c. Special
  3. What system is used to deposit Navy personnel paychecks?
    Direct Deposit System (DDS)
  4. As an E-4, you have served more than 4 years of active-duty service. Howoften will you receive a longevity raise?
    every 2 years.
  5. How often do you receive your clothing maintenance allowance?
    once a year.
  6. What person is responsible for making sure your paycheck and LES are accurate?
  7. How many days of leave do you earn per year?
    30 days or 2.5 per month
  8. The CO may grant how many days of special liberty?
    3-4 days
  9. What is the safest and most convenient way to keep track of the money you spend?
    checking account
  10. You have paid for an item with a check; however, you don�t have enough money in your checking account to cover the check. What is the result of this action?
    Bounced check
  11. You are having money taken out of your pay to make loan payments. What type of allotment are you making?
    voluntary alloment
  12. What�s the first thing you should plan for when making out a budget?
    start a savings plan-pay yourself first
  13. The money charged for using borrowed money or using credit is known as�
  14. If total charges of a loan or purchases agreement are not listed, what is a simplest way to find the total cost of credit?
    subtract the actual price of goods from the total amount of the loan.
  15. How do you establish a good credit rating?
    paying loans or pruchase agreement according to your conract and on time
  16. You can secure SGLI in what increments?
  17. What is the maximum amount of coverage for SGLI?
  18. You have separated fromthe service. You will be covered by SGLI for up what maximum number of days after your separation?
    120 days after separation from the service
  19. When service members or their families are a victim of spousal or child abuse, what Navy program was established to help them?
    Family Advocacy Program
  20. List some of the ways that the FAP can help a family.
    • a. Education programs
    • b. Counseling
    • c. Intervention in cases of abuse
  21. How does stress occur?
    • a. Education programs
    • b. Counseling
    • c. Intervention in cases of abuse
  22. What�s the first step when dealing with stress?
    identify your stressors; that is, find out what causes the stress.
  23. List some of the ways you can combat stress
    • a. Exercise
    • b. Diet
    • c. Meditation
    • d. Laughter
    • e. Relaxation techniques
    • f. Involvement with outside activities
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