Math and Mechanics

  1. A Push, Pull, Dropping, Stretching or Squeezing of and object that results in change in shape and or motion of an object.
  2. The quantity of matter of an object. In the metric system, the unit of measurement is kilogram.
  3. A force originating when a mass is acted on my gravity.
  4. The measure of how fast an object is moving in a given direction.
  5. A term used when mass has velocity. ________= mass x meters/second.
  6. The rate of change of velocity.
  7. Measured in meters in the metric system.
  8. A measure of the amount of force required to accelerate a mass of on kilo at a rate of one meter per second.
  9. A force the reduces the motion of objects. It occurs when two objects rub against each other with heat as a byproduct.
  10. The use of force to cause motion. It is the transfer of energy through motion. __________= Force x Distance
  11. A twisting force that occurs when the force is not applied to the object's center of mass.
  12. The rate at which work is performed.
  13. Any device that applies mechanical energy at a given point and delivers it in a more efficient form at another point.
  14. Name 6 things machines are used for.
    • 1. To transform energy (steam turbine)
    • 2. To transfer energy (automobile drive train)
    • 3. To increase force (pry-bar)
    • 4. To multiply speed (bicycle gears)
    • 5. To change direction of force (pulleys)
    • 6. To reduce friction (rollers)
  15. A simple machine that has a slanted surface raised at one end.
    The inclined plane
  16. An inclined plane that tapers to a sharp edge.
    A wedge
  17. A type of wedge used to hold open a door as hose line is being stretched.
    A wedge
  18. This object converts rotational motion to linear motion.
    A screw.
  19. A simple machine consisting of a bar or rigid object that is free to turn about a fixed point called the fulcrum.
    A lever.
  20. A wheel with a grooved rim and axle with a rope, belt, or chain attached to it in order to change the direction of the pull and lift a load.
    A pulley
  21. Toothed wheels that are meshed together to transmit a twisting force (torque) and motion. Can be considered a rotating lever.
  22. A wheelbarrow is what type of simple machine?
    Second class lever
  23. A shovel is an example of what classification of lever?
    Third Class
  24. A fixed point on a lever.
  25. The load that works against the effort of the simple machine.
    Resistance Force
  26. In a gear train, each gear travels...
    in the direction opposite to the one in which the gear next to it is traveling.
  27. In physical science, the product of mass x acceleration is called...
  28. The distance a screw will travel during one full rotation is called the...
  29. A byproduct of friction is...
  30. Complex machines used by firefighters are basically...
    two or more simple machines used together.
  31. Unzipping a jacket is an example of what type of simple machine?
  32. A gear train component used to allow adjacent gears to rotate in a desired direction.
    Idler gear.
  33. A thermometer uses what type of numbers along it's scale?
  34. -4 + (-3) =
  35. All positive and negative whole numbers, including 0, but not including fractions and decimals.
  36. PEMDAS
    Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
  37. Unique numbers whose sole factors are 1 and themselves are called...
    Prime Numbers, (all are odd except 2)
  38. A ________ numbers consists of an integer and a fraction.
    Mixed Number
  39. FOIL
    First, Outer, Inner, Last
  40. Two angles that share a common side and end point (vertex), but the rays are not common to both angles.
    Adjacent angles.
  41. Formed by intersecting lines, whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays. Always equal in measure.
    Vertical Angles.
  42. Two angles the sum of whose measures is 90 degrees.
    Complementary Angles.
  43. Two angles the sum of whose measures is 180 degrees.
    Supplementary Angles.
  44. A line that intersects two or more other lines at different points.
    Transversal Lines.
  45. A line which intersects a circle in exactly one point.
    Tangent Line
  46. ___= 3.14 x D or 2 x 3.14 x R
    Formula for circumference of a circle.
  47. A four sided, two dimensional figure that has two sets of opposite parallel line.
  48. A ______ has a diamond shape.
  49. A four sided, two dimensional shape with two parallel sides.
  50. A= 1/2h(b1+b2)
    Formula for area of a trapezoid.
  51. A=S2
    Formula for area of a square.
  52. The sum of the internal angles of this geometric figure = 180o
  53. A _______ triangle has all three sides of equal length.
  54. An _______ triangle is a triangle in which at least two sides are of equal length.
  55. In a ________ triangle, all sides are of different lengths and the internal angles are all different.
  56. A ______ triangle has one interior right angle.
  57. a2+b2=c2
    Pythagorean theorem
  58. 1/2(b*h)
    Area of a triangle
  59. V=L3
    Volume of a cube
  60. SA=6 x s2
    Surface area of a cube
  61. A three dimensional figure having six rectangles that cover it.
    Rectangular prism
  62. V=l x w x h
    Volume of a rectangular prism
  63. SA= 2lw + 2wh + 2lh
    Surface area of a rectangular prism
  64. A three dimensional figure having two congruent circular bases that are parallel.
  65. V = 3.14 x r2 x h
    Volume of a cylinder
  66. SA = 2 x 3.14 x r2 + 2 x 3.14 x rh
    Surface area of cylinder
  67. A three dimensional figure having all its points the same distance from its center.
  68. V = 4/3 x 3.14 x r3
    Volume of a sphere
  69. SA = 4 x 3.14 x r2
    Surface area of a sphere
  70. A three dimensional figure having a circular base and a single vertex.
  71. V = 1/3 x 3.14 x r2 x h
    Volume of a cone
  72. V = 1/3 x A x h
    Volume of a square based pyramid
  73. When removing insulation from a wire before making a splice, care should be taken to avoid nicking the wire mainly because the...
    wire is more likely to break. A nick in the wire can be dangerous because it weakens the wire at that point and can lead to breakage.
  74. A good lubricant for locks is...
    Graphite, which is powdered carbon, is very slippery and will not bind the small springs and metal parts of a lock.
  75. What is a star drill used for?
    It is used with a hammer to make hole in concrete
  76. If the head on a hammer has become loose on the handle, it should be properly tightened by...
    using a slightly larger wedge. If you look at a hammer where it is joined to the handle, you will see the top of either a wooden wedge or a metal wedge. Driving another wedge into the handle will tighten the hammer.
  77. Neutral wire can be recognized by the...
    natural or whitish color. The hot lead is black and the ground wire is green.
  78. The device used to change AC to DC is a...
    rectifier or diode.
  79. The purpose of an air valve in a heating system is to...
    relieve air from steam radiators. If air is trapped in the pipes, it prevents the steam from going to the radiator. This prevents the radiator from producing heat.
  80. If a fuse of higher than required current rating is used in an electrical circuit,
    severe damage might result to the circuit from overload. A fuse is a safety device used to protect a circuit from serious damage caused by too high a current.
  81. Paint is thinned with

    B. turpentine
  82. A crack in the distributor cap might cause problems by allowing
    moisture to seep in and cause a short in the system. This might prevent the car from starting.
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