Marine Science

  1. Animals and animal-like organisms that float and drift on the ocean surface are considered to be part of the?
    Plankton Population
  2. Large masses of plankton are carried great distances by ocean currents. So then, Plankton means?
  3. We know that Plankton are organisms such as the Jellyfish, so they include the protist multicellular. what is the other Protist?
  4. The plantlike plankton, which contain chlorophyll, are referred to as?
  5. The animal and animal-like plankton are called?. This category describe the organisms' lifestyle; and it doest not represent a true taxonomic grouping.
  6. What are the larges of the plankton species?
  7. Zooplankton varied into two groups, the first one is the "Permanent". what is the other one?
  8. How do we called the zooplankton that are the embryos fish,crabs,sponges,clams and other invertebrates. Also these Animals spend the early part of their life cycle floating and drifting near the surface of the Ocean.
  9. How do we called the zooplankton that are those species that remains in the plankton population throughout their entire life cycle?
  10. Its name means "Hole-bearing" and is an unicellular protist, they are encased in a shell made up of calcium carbonate. When "hole-bearing" dies, its shell falls to the seafloor and over years its shells accumulate forming thick chalks deposits.What is the offical name of this protist?
  11. This is a type of permanent zooplankton, it's also an unicelluar and its transparent because its cell wall is composed of silica. What is the of this unicellular zooplankton?
  12. Of all the permanent zooplankton, one organism is the most numerous. This tiny shrimplike animal feeds on phytoplankton such as ditoms, and aslo is an important link in many marine food chains. what is the name of this shrimplike animal?
  13. The ocean is like the "sea soup" with plankton suspended in it. Animals like the WHALE feed on this Plankton. The Whales feed them plowing through the water w/ their mouths open. Like the Whales, How do we called Animals that strain their food from the water?
    Filter feeders
  14. We know that Whales feed on Plankton. How do we called of the large schools of shrimplike zooplankton that Whales feed of them?
  15. What other organisms depend on plankton as their main food source and living in shallow waters such as mussels and clams?
    The bottom-dwelling mollusks
  16. Like the Mollusks, The "Clam" also filter plankton from the water. In the casa of Clams. cells on the inside of the animal contain microscopic hair. This beat back and forth, causing currents of water to enter and leave the Clam. Ho do we called this?
  17. As fish and other animals, Humans, depend inderectkly of this food source.
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