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  1. Roosevelt persuaded Congress to allowed warring nations to buy U.S. arms as long as they paid cash and trasported them in their own ships. What is the name of this "PASS"?
  2. United States wanted to be out of war, so they provided arms to France and Britain. Isolationists attacked Roosevelt for his actions but after six weeks Congress pass an Act, and a cash-and-carry went into effect. What is the name of this Act?
    Neutrality Act
  3. On September 27, Germany, Italy and Japan had signed a mutual defense treaty. The three nations became Know as the?
    Axis Pawers
  4. This Pact was aimed at keeping the United State out of the war.
    The tripartite Pact
  5. Congress passed the nation's first peacetime military draft, under this law 16 millions men between the age 21 and 35 were registered. What is the name of this Act?
    The selective training and service Act.
  6. President Roosevelt warned that if Britain Fell the Axis Power would be left unchallenged to conquer the world. To prevent such situation the U.S.A help to defeat the Axis threat by turning itselt into what Roosevelt called?
    The great arsenal of democracy
  7. Britain had no more chas to spend in the arsenal of democracy, so Roosevelt tried to help by suggesting a new plan. Under this plan Roosevelt lend arms to any country whose defense was vitual to the U.S.A. What was the name of this Plan?
    Lend Lease Act
  8. The U.S.A were lending lend-lease aid to Britain and to the Soviet Union to fight agains Germany. Hitler then, deployed hundreds of German submarines U-boats to attact supply ships. What was the name of German's U-Boats?
    German Wolf Packs
  9. When Churchill and Roosevelt met each other in the USS "Augusta", Churchill hoped for a military commitment and settled joint declaration of war aims. This was called the?
    Atlantic Charter
  10. The Atlantic Charter became the basis of a new Document called?
    A declaration of the United Nations
  11. The term United Nations was suggested by Roosevelt to express the common purpose of those nations that had fought the Axis Power. What is the name of this "Axis Power"?
  12. A chief of staff of Japan's Kwantung Army, launched the invasion into China. He also begun the War agains U.S persuade them to end its oil embargo or seize the oil fields in the Duth East Indies
    Hideki Tojo
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