The New Right

  1. True or False?
    The New Right are OPPOSED to family diversity
  2. What are their views (general)?
    Conservative and anti-feminist
  3. Who are the new right similar to with their view that the traditional or conventional patriarchal nuclear family is the normal/correct type?
  4. The New Right see the patriarchal nuclear family as 'natural'...why?
    The Fundamental, biological differences between men and women.
  5. Give 2 problems that has come as a result of the decline of the traditional nuclear family and the growth of family diversity, according to the new right
    Higher Crime Rates and Educational Failure
  6. How do the New Right see lone parent families? (4 things)
    • Unnatural and harmful, especially to children
    • Lone-mothers are unable to DISCIPLINE their children properly
    • burden on the welfare state
    • leaves BOYS without a male role-model
  7. Why do the New Right disapprove of mothers going out to work?
    Because they should make caring for their family their FIRST PRIORITY.
  8. What does the Conservative politician PATRICK JENKIN say about it?
    "I don't think that mothers have the same right to go out and work that father's do. If the good Lord had intended us to have equal rights to go to work, he would not have created men and women. These are biological facts."
  9. They see marriage as the essential basis for creating a stable environment in which to bring up children. How do they regard cohabitation and divorce?
    Creates family instability and makes it easier for adults to AVOID COMMITMENT and RESPONSIBILITY --this has negative effects on the children
  10. What did Harry Benson's analysis of data on the parents of 15,000 babies born in 2001 find?
    Nearly 3000 of the mothers became LONE-PARENTS during the FIRST 3 YEARS of the child's life
  11. Family Breakdown increases the risks to children. who found out that children from these families face greater risks of POVERTY, EDUCATIONAL FAILURE, CRIME AND HEALTH PROBLEMS, plus increase chance of future family breakdown when they are adults themselves
    AmatoImage Upload 1
  12. What have conservative politicians and new right thinkers said that the evidence by Amato concludes?
    The family and society at large are 'broken'.
  13. What does the New Right say is necessary to prevent social disintegration and damage to children?
    A return to 'traditional values', including the value of marriage.
  14. However why do some critics argue that it may not be marriage as such that provides prevention against family breakdown, but the DEGREE OF COMMITMENT?
    Because those who are more committed to one another to begin with may be more likely to marry, and more likely to stay together.
  15. The New Right are AGAINST high levels of taxation and government spending. So give a reason linked to this why the new right are not liking the INCREASE in LONE-PARENT families...
    The increase in lone-parent families = more spending on welfare benefits, which are paid by public funds, so therefore creating a bigger tax burden on the working population.
  16. The New Right see high levels of tax and benefits as a 'perverse incentive'...what does this mean?
    punishing responsible behaviour and rewarding irresponsible behaviour.
  17. Give 2 problems that welfare benefits create.
    • Encourages "Dependency Culture", where people live off the welfare benefits.
    • discourages men from working and supporting their families-undermining the traditional family.
  18. So what do the new right favour in response to this?
    To cut or completely abolish welfare benefits.
  19. CrItIsMs oF ThE NeW RiGhT
    What does the Feminist Anne Oakley say that the new right wrongly assume?
    That the roles of the husband and wife are BIOLOGICALLY fixed.
  20. CrItIsMs oF ThE NeW RiGhT
    What else does Anne Oakley say that the new right are AGAINST?
    The feminist campaign for women's equality.
  21. CrItIsMs oF ThE NeW RiGhT
    Cross cultural evidence has been presented to criticise the New Right...what did it show?
    It showed that in different cultures there were great variation in the roles men and women perform within the family.
  22. CrItIsMs oF ThE NeW RiGhT
    The new right favours the traditional nuclear family...why do feminists NOT favour it?
    Because they think that the traditional nuclear family is based on the PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION of women and is a fundamental cause of gender bias.
  23. CrItIsMs oF ThE NeW RiGhT
    What else do critics argue is wrong about the New Right perspective? (evidence)
    • There is little or no evidence that lone-parent families are apart of the dependency culture
    • OR that the children from one-parent families are more likely to be delinquent compared to those in 2-parent families.
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