World War One

  1. What was Kristallnacht?
    When Nazis unleashed pogroms toward Germany.
  2. When did Kristallnacht occur?
    November 9th, 1938.
  3. Why did Kristallnacht happen?
    Because of assassination of German diplomat on November 7th.
  4. Kristallnacht means...
    Night of Broken Glass
  5. What is a pogrom?
    An organized attack on a specific group of people.
  6. Caption is...
    sentence or phrase that is title.
  7. Label is..
    words used to express thought or identification.
  8. Relative Size is...
    some fifures draw smaller or larger than others.
  9. Light and Dark is...
    use of shading and whit space to create effects.
  10. Symbolism is...
    sign or object to represent something
  11. Composition is...
    arrangement or location of objects.
  12. Caricature is....
    distorted, oversimplified, or exaggeration representation.
  13. Causes of WW1
    Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
  14. Militarism is...
    arms race between britain and germany. 1900
  15. Alliances is...
    1907= friendship groups
  16. Triple Entente...
    france, britain, russia
  17. Triple alliance....
    italy, germany, austria-hungary
  18. imperialism is...
    large empire important for power
  19. nationalism is...
    loyalty towards homeland
  20. training camp
    • Sam Hughes set up in Valcartier, Quebec...
    • further training in britatin
  21. front line trenches
    • 7 feet deep, 6 feet wide
    • zig zag pattern
    • sandbags on sides to absord bullets
    • barbed wire
  22. fire step
    • cut into side to allow soldiers to peer over
    • standing on duty... watiting for possible enemy attack
  23. no man's land
    separated allies and germans
  24. battel of ypres
    • april 22.1915
    • germans used gas attack
  25. francis scrimger
    • invented gas mask
    • figured out urine neutralized effects
  26. battle of the somme
    • july 1st, 1916-november
    • tankls used for first time
    • canadians known as storm troopers
  27. passchendaele
    • october 26-november 10, 1917
    • many deaths due to mud
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