Data plans

  1. What percentage of At&t smart phone customers use less than 2gb of data each month?
  2. What feature/ features does a QMD require?
    a) What's a QMD?
    b) Unlimited Text, or unlimited mobile internet
    c) Unlimited text or 200 msg+ unlimited mobile web or Family msg
    d) Data Pro plan
  3. If a customer is using their Blackbery as a modem can they tether with the 200 mb plan?
    No, the customer has to sign up for the 2gb+ tethering for 45 per month.
  4. If a customer has an existing iphone 3g with unlimited data for $30 per month can that customer upgrade to Windows Phone 7 and keep the unlimited plan?
    Yes, At&t customers are allowed to keep unlimited plans because they are grandfathered in.
  5. How much more internet does a customer get on the $25 2gb plan vs thw $15 200mb plan?
    10x more data fo only $10 more per month!!
  6. What is the overage rate on the $25 2gb plan?
    $10 per Gb.
  7. How much does it cost a customer if they use 1 gb of internet on the $15 200 mb plan?
    $90. The customer is charged $15 for the data plan and $15 for every 200 mb used there after.
  8. At what points of useage does the customer get a text reminder that they are approaching their data useage cap?
    65%, 90%, 100%
  9. What percentage of At&t customers use under 200mb of web each month?
  10. What are 3 ways a customer can track their data useage?
    Data calculator, *data#, the free mywireless app or by loging into their account at
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