Chp 14

  1. The acronym for the principles of effective communication is?
    • F- Focused
    • O- Organized
    • C- Clear
    • U- Understanding
    • S- Supported
  2. What is Focused?
    The sender has a clear idea of the purpose and objective, lock on target.
  3. What is Organized?
    Things are presented in a logical systematic order. If not then audiences uderestimate value and credibility.
  4. What is to be Clear?
    • First understand the rule of language
    • Second: Get to the point
  5. What is to be Understanding?
    Know your audiences and know expecteation.
  6. What is to be Supported?
    Use logic and support to make a point. This will build Credibility.
  7. What is Communicataion?
    Sharing ideas, info and Messages with others
  8. What communication is in whith AF?
    Speaking and Writing
  9. What are the 3 parts to communication?
    • Sender
    • message
    • audience
  10. What is successful comm?
    The message is interpret in the way the sender intended.
  11. What the 7 steps that will help NCO to be better communicator?
    • Analyze purpose and audience
    • Reserch your topic
    • support your idea
    • organize and out line
    • draft
    • edit
    • fight for feedback
  12. How many steps lay the groundwork for drafting process?
    The frist 4 steps
  13. What way are there to analyze a purpose and Audience?
    • Choose a purpose
    • Draft a Purpose statement
    • Know your self
    • Know your organization
    • Know your Audince
  14. What are the 4 purpose?
    • To Direct
    • To Inform
    • To Persuade
    • To Inspire
  15. When to use a Direct approach?
    When action to be done by your audience.
  16. What should emphasises in Directive comm
    Emphasese should be palced a clear, concise direct and expectation
  17. When to use inform approach?
    When Info need to be pass.
  18. What should be emphasises in inform comm?
    Emphasese should be place on accurat and adequate info tailored to audience and feedback for confermations.
  19. When to use a persuade approach?
    When something new need to be sell to your audience
  20. What should be emphasise in a inspire approach?
    The emphasese should be placed on delivery, though knowledge and audience. LIKE MLK
  21. What are the four Subcategories in kowing your audiece?
    • Primary receiver
    • Secondary Reciver
    • Key Decisionmaker
    • Gatekeeper
  22. How to Succed with your audience?
    • be candid,direct and respectful with everyoone no mater what rank
    • Use jargon and acroyms less
    • be in Good taste and sensitivity with your audience
    • Be aware of your tone
    • always be courtesy and positive
    • Make it personal
  23. What are the 5 approach in research your topic?
    • Review purpose and scope fo the overall project.
    • Assign dateline
    • ask the boss
    • What do you know about the topic
    • Determind where to look
  24. What are the most common types of evidence in supporting your idea?
    • Definition
    • testimony
    • statistics
    • fact
    • Explanation(Analysis, compar and contrast, description)
  25. What ways can your organize your idea?
    • Topical(by Categories)
    • Compare or contrast
    • Chronological(time)
    • Sequential(Steps)
    • Spatial or geograpcical(space in realtion to subject)
    • Problem and solution
    • Reasoning and logic(led your POV)
    • Case and effect
  26. How to Draft?
    Just put your idea on paper
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