1. Where can mandatory requirements for award of AFSC skill level for Airman can be found?
    Paragraph three of the AFMAN 36-2108, Enlisted classification
  2. What is the highest CAFSC skill level a mbr may hold if serving in a grade of MSgt?
    7-skill Level
  3. What is a PAFSC
    the afsc that is best qualified to perform duty or the some time know as the highiest level.
  4. When reviewing an off afsc how can you tell whether the officer holds an entry level or fully qualifed level afsc?
    the 4th digit of an entry level is one while the qulified is 3.
  5. Where can instructions on AFSC conversion actions be found?
    In the change summary and conversion guides published with change to A
  6. Name three reason when AFSC downgrade actions may be appropiate?
    • AFSC downgrade may be apporipite IF:
    • 1. Lack of recent performance
    • 2.Substander Performance
    • 3. Reduction in Grade(Airman)
  7. Why is AFSC review and eval accomplished as a perscoversion actions?
    It is to determine if it accurately identifies the members qualification.
  8. What is the PAFSC skill to an amn will be dograd if the reason for is reduction to staff?
    7-Skill level
  9. When must a review of calss data and the conducting of class interviews be accomplish?
    When amn is notified of reassignment in an AFSC other than in the CAFSC
  10. How dose the class intervewer certify the completion of a calss interview?
    Sign and date the record review listing, then file in UPRG.
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