1. What are AFSC considerd "Capper" AFSC?
    Capper when two or more career ladders combine at the 7/9 skill level, the number in the 5th position will be 0
  2. How can CEM codes be easily distinguished from AFSC.
    Most CEM codes will end with 00 while the 4th # of the other AFSC will denotes a Skill level(1,3,5, 7/9)
  3. What basis for class under the Guaranteed Aptitude Area(GAA)
    Class under GAA is based on mbr's initial contract, preference and needs of the AF.
  4. What skill level is a Prior mbr awarded if form another service and on sep held a specialty convertible to an AF skill?
    AFSC not to exceed the 3 skill level
  5. Under what circumstances, can the FMO award an AFSC at the 5-level for an officer?
    • The FMO will award an AFSC at the 5 leve for an officer when the Tech advisor
    • recommends(justifies) in writing.
  6. What digit of an off AFSC,when used in combination with another digit identifies the utilization field?
    The 2nd digit
Card Set
unt 1. AFCS 401 Initial Class of AF pernls