identifying the right OS

  1. How many different mobile operating systems does At&t offer? and What are they called?
    7, Blackberry 6.0, Blackberry, IOS,WP7,Android, Symbian and Web OS
  2. Name 3 differences between Blackberry os and blackberry 6.0
    Blackberry web browser, Universal search, Social Feeds app, Navigation Bar/short cut filtering, tabbed browsing are a few of the differences
  3. You have a customer that tells you they want email acess they dont use social networking and dont want to use the internet, they are looking for a device that doens't use a lot of internet what will you reccomend?

    A) Blackberry torch, blackberry products are optimized not to use a lot of data.
  4. A customer comes in and asks what is the difference between a captivate and the iphone what are 3 advatages that the captivate offers vs the iphone?
    • 1. Android allows more customization of your device.
    • 2. The Captivate has a larger screen
    • 3. The Captivate is less expensive to insure.
    • 4. The captivate has a 7 customizeable home screens
  5. What operating system offers a "glance and go" experience?
    Windows Phone 7
  6. What operating system offer the most apps?
    iOS has over 300,000 apps.
  7. How many Apps does Windows Phone offer currently?
    5,000 and adding more every day!
  8. true or false Windows Mobile devices are upgradeable to WP7?
    False, Windows Phone 7 has specific requirements for its hardware and most of the previous windows mobile devices do not meet the specifications required.
  9. Name the Smart Phone,
    1. I have a front facing camera, retina display and am available with 16gb or 32gb of memory.
    2. I use web os and feature a full qwerty keyboard and touch screen and was the first web os device released by At&t
    3. I have a super amoled screen run android 2.1 and have a 5 megapixel camera
    4. I feature time scape, android 1.6 have the best 8.1 mega pixel camera around!
    5. I run on symbian os I am an inexpensive smartphone with hd video capture.
    • 1. iphone 4
    • 2. Palm Pre Plus
    • 3. Captivate
    • 4. Sony Ericcson Xperia
    • 5. Sony Ericcson Vivaz
  10. What carrier has the widest selcetion of smart phones and the most smartphone customers?
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identifying the right OS
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