Absolute Rulers Part 1

  1. What was Absolute Monarchy?
    Total or absolute Control of everything in a country by a king or Queen.

    Centralization of power
  2. How did Absolutism Develop?
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    it Developed by the Divine Right theory saying Monarchs act as God's Representative on Earth.

    Noble lost power

    Trade,Towns,Cities, and colonies produced wealth for the king.-Mercantilism

    Church lost power.

    Religious war caused chaos.

    People wanted a, safe stable Government.
  3. King Henrry VIII(8th)
    • He needed a male heir.
    • could not get approval of divorce from the pope.

    • He cut the pope out through the act of supremacy
    • made himself head of the church and state.

    Seized all of the religious lands in england.

    • -Weaken the church
    • -Sold most of it off making himself wealth and able to expand his power through war
  4. Elizabeth I
    Had power of the church.

    Formed the Anglican church.

    Defeated the Spanish armada in attempt to overtake england .

    Gained control of seas that lead English to colonial expansions.

    In the end her expenses left king James I with an enormous DEBT
  5. King Philip II of spain
    led Spain to a Golden Age.

    • had tremendous wealth from his colonies.
    • boats full of gold from the Americas

    He built up a large Army and powerful navy.

    Defender of the catholic faith

    • Spent money Driving out all non Christian from Spain
    • .
    • Wars with the ottoman Empire

    War with england

    gained lots of wealth from the colonies that led to inflation

    Massive war expenditures combine with Inflation led to fall of the golden age
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