lesson 3 b

  1. abscess
    localized collection of pus
  2. basal cell carcinoma
    tumor arising from the outer layer of the skin
  3. biopsy
    removal of living tissue to be viewed under a microscope for diagnositic purpose
  4. edema
    puffy swelling of tissue from the accumlation of fluid
  5. laceration
    torn, ragged-edged wound
  6. lesion
    any visible change in tissue resulting from injury or disease
  7. pressure ulcer (bedsore)
    eroded sore on the skin cause by prolonged pressure
  8. shingles (herpes zoster)
    development of painful, inflamed blisters that follow the nerve routes.
  9. squamous cell carcinoma
    a malignant growth that develops from scale like epithelial tissue.
  10. staphylococcus
    bacterium that grows in a pattern resembling grapelike clsters and can cause skin infections.
  11. streptococus
    bacterium that grows in a pattern resembling twisted chains and can cause skin infections
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